Tame Your Landscaping in a Weekend

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8 Hours

This is one of those projects where a magic wand would really come in handy, but to be honest, if you want your landscaping to look good you need to put in a little muscle and sweat!

So go grab some new pretty flowers, landscaping edging and fabric, a shovel, a tarp, and get a load of mulch or stone delivered and let’s get rid of this eye sore!

Over grown and untouched for years.

This was how this little cottage looked the day it was purchased. So sad, but so much potential!

After a day of sweat! Isn’t she lovely??

Step 1: Don’t feel bad about asking for help from family or friends or hiring out a hardworking person or two to lend a hand! Get your little crew all lined up, hope for some good weather and get those garden gloves on!

  • For this landscaping flip, I hired two young men of the local fb page and paid them by the hour to work alongside my husband and I. It was worth every cent and saved us so much time and so much money since we didn’t hire a landscaping company.

Step 2: Lay out a tarp to get the old mulch or rock out. We sifted through the existing rock that had sunken into the dirt, ripped out what was left of old landscaping fabric and then laid down the new fabric.

• Tip - work with what you have! You don’t have to completely start over to get a great end result! Keep plants that you like and rip out what you don’t or maybe just do some trimming 😉

Right side complete :)

Step 3: Add in new plants! Dig your hole bigger than the root ball and add in some new soil before placing each plant. Fill the hole and really pack the soil with your foot or by pressing down firmly on it.

•Tip - buy plants that will give you seasonal interest and always, always, have some evergreens in the mix!! I used boxwoods here.

Step:4 Replace or add in landscaping edging. This makes a HUGE difference!! Don’t go to all this work and then not add some sort of edging to keep everything in place.

Dig out a space deep enough (a little hand pry bar works well for this), cut your edging to the length you need it and place it. Two people working together makes this much easier. Have one person hold the edging in place while the other back fills with the dirt to keep it in place.

A nice clean edge!

Landscaping isn’t everyone’s or well anyone’s favorite activity, BUT it adds so much curb appeal!!

I hope you’re ready to get out there and make your home look the best it can be!

Follow along with this cottage reno @brooke.casa.del.sol

Suggested materials:

  • Shovel   (Lowes)
  • Landscaping fabric   (Lowes)
  • Carpet roses   (Lowes)
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  • Carol de la Fuente Carol de la Fuente on Sep 05, 2021

    It looks great and so nice that you are on waterfront property!!! Good for you!!!

  • Cj57 Cj57 on Sep 05, 2021

    I luv how your dog is reaping all the rewards of relaxing & enjoying the scenery while you guys are dead tired asleep🤣 seriously, looks good!

    • Brooke Brooke on Sep 05, 2021

      Omg 😆 she is totally living out her best days here! She swims and then is just the most tired old pup you ever did see!