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Hi! Thank you for looking at my post 😉 I'm an interior designer and the creator of this fun and amazing technique I called Bermuda BlendingTM Technique. I've done over the year amazing pieces with my technique and now I will love to share it with you ☺️ The Bermuda Blending technique it's a fun way to play with different colors and textures that gives to any piece life and movement.

Basically, I chose a variety of 4 shades of blues, using brand names paint colors and also creating my own colors with the help of Pixie Dust Paint Company. Pixie Dust additives allows me to use any paint color I want mixing the liquid or powder with my flat finish latex paint and still maintain that chalk like finish that I need.. Or if you like to get the original colors for Bermuda Blending you can go to this link..

Bermuda Blending Original colors

Ok for a great smell and enhancing colors!!!! One of my favorite products to use besides Pixie Dust is another amazing product called Unicorn SPiT Natural Stains. Both of these products allow me to use custom blends of colors I want at a more affordable price and allows me to enhance my projects in a way no other paint or stain allows. Unicorn SPiT it's a non-toxic natural water base gel stain and glaze in one with a wonderful aroma (think blooming jasmine on a spring day). I love to use it directly as a stain or to enhance the colors on a chalk paint base surface. *The SPiT Colors • Unicorn SPiT Navajo Jewel. • Unicorn SPiT Phoenix Fire. • Unicorn SPIT Zia Teal. • Unicorn SPiT Blue Thunder. Antiquing: Dark Wax from Annie Sloan

To seal and protect: Use your trusted brand of sealer, I personally like to use Minwax Polycrilyc Clear Satin finish, but there are several waxes and sealers on the market that will all achieve the same results. Use what you are comfortable with.

Note: Before starting make sure your furniture is clean and degreased. And now...Let's start blending! Get one soft paintbrush for the blue colors and one paintbrush for the orange color. I always like to start with the lighter colors, so let's start with the turquoise color bottle #1 from the left. Start painting on the easiest part to get comfortable before you start Blending! The first color should be applied in a long light stroke in a small section, then the second color from the edges so that it starts blending but not covering the first color in its entirety. Even though you are blending colors, each color should have an area where it’s just that color.

Let's Start Blending!!!

Use a dark blue to create drama (Bottle #4 from the left) as well as The bottles #2 qnd #3 colors in different spots, blend with more turquoise #1. You will get original shades of blues in every blend, that's why it is important that you always give the original colors their own spot. To add the contrast color (Orange Color bottle #5 from the left) choose strategic areas on your furniture, like corners and small areas surrounding the Orange with your favorite Blue combinations. Keep blending until you have covered the entire piece. Note: Let it dry for at least an hour.

Now that all the colors are dry, we can appreciated them all together! To create a brighter and more vibrant effect, we’re now going to SPiT! YES SPiT!!! You just have to try it!!! You can apply SPiT with your hands (fingers) or a brush. NOTE: I typically use the brush from the paints above. Remember we are “BLENDING” so it’s ok to use one brush for multiple colors as long as they are all in the same family. Blue SPiT with Blue paints and Orange SPiT with Orange paints! I think you get the picture! Randomly, enhance your original colors with the SPiT. For example, in some areas where the orange was applied, brush the “Phoenix Fire” SPiT to get a brighter Orange.

Let it dry again and with a 100 grit sanding block, distress corners, edges and some of flat areas to get the antique look! After distressing get your dark wax to antique the full piece or only some random areas. Apply as little or as much as you would like. After all this is your piece. Seal with at least (2) coats of your favorite sealer sanding in between coats and voila your masterpiece is an amazing piece of art!

Please follow Us on Facebook And Pixie Dust and Unicorn SPiT can be found here: I hope that you all enjoy this tutorial and most of all have fun creating your next piece! Your Friend, Maria A Revollo Founder & Designer ML Furniture Décor LLC.

More examples of My Bermuda Blending Technique 🌹🌹

Suggested materials:
  • Pixie Dust
  • Bermuda BlendingTM Painting Kit   (
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    I will be working on a door and would like help on finding the stencil you use on your door. Can you please help me

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    Can you tell me where you purchase both the pixie dust & unicorn spit?! I’m struggling to find it anywhere...

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    I have a dresser that begs for this technique. I know the knobs and handles come off, but it also has a hinged leaf. Should I remove that too before I get started?

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  • Teresa D. Teresa D. on Sep 04, 2022

    Absolutely beautiful. I'm going to try on this outdoor table I've made. Thank you. 🤩🤩🤩

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    Thankyou for the tutorial. I have a small stool and couldn’t decide what to do with it. Now I do! Fab.