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I watched a Hometalk DIY video on how to do a wooden front door and thought I can do that. There can't be much difference between metal and wood. Mine also has a plastic insert in the window that I was painting. I must have been dreaming but wood and metal are totally different except for one thing, prep work!
As you will see my ugly, beat up white front door went from ugh to ooohhhhh in a few short hours. The time I posted includes drying for all coats. Actual painting took only about 2-3 hours for door and insert.
These are my tools for the project. The brown on the bottom is brown Kraft paper, available at any big box stores or craft store. I got mine at Lowe's. The roll was in the painting aisle and cost me $15. It has lasted several years and many projects. The gloves are neoprene. My hubby gets them on-line at eBay. I'm alleric to latex, if your not, use what you are comfortable with. They have tons of uses, painting is my number one!
The roller is a 4"roller. I could have used a bigger one, but there are a few smaller areas and I also tend to get sloppy with rollers. Smaller the better in this instance. I also found an angle brush for the window insert. It was $8 and I'm not sure I would recommend it, a steady hand and a small foam brush would probably work just as well and save you some money. The little 2" pink handle brush I highly recommend! I have used longer handle brushes for bigger projects, but this was perfect. I have smaller hands and I loves it. The small plastic tray is used to pour paint into. Also, 2 items I never, ever approach a painting project with are paper towels and zip top bags. I always have damp paper towels and dry one's on hand for messes. I use the zip top bags to keep my brushes rollers and anything else in if I have to walk away fr the project. To many times have I come back to a project to find white paw prints all over the place, lesson learned! And finally, not in the picture, was a fan. It was a rainy day and I needed this door to dry. I used the fan to help it along.
This is the paint I used. I like the Valspar paint for this. My door is protected from the weather but it does get a lot of sun and cold air.
The first thing I did to the door was clean it and the window grill then lightly sand it with 220grit paper. This includes the plastic grill. It pays to sit back a minute and plan how you want to attack the project. This helped me not bounce around. I did bottom up paying close attention to the door handle and the edges. My door has a rubber seal that I can't get paint on.
This is the first coat! It already looks so different! As you can see the window insert hasn't been done yet. I will do that later, after my second coat is on.
Ok, second coat is on the door. I love the color!! It's bright and cheerful. Time for the window!
First thing for the window insert will be wipe off again. Being plastic, I am doing the close eye test to make sure it's sanded evenly. (Sand the area, wipe it down, close your eyes and wipe your hand over it. It should feel even. If it doesn't, keep sanding.)
I used the edging brush for this. I was hoping it could be removed, but it's attached to the window, so if I do it will ruin my window.
Again, I painted bottom to top. Don't forget the underside of the insert. I missed an area and when I do touch ups, I have to her it.
All done!
I removed the covering from the handle and lock and again turned on the fan. When everything is dry I will clean the windows again.
Cleaning of your tools is important!
Brushes & pan. Roller was disposable with gloves so I wrapped all of that with the paper and put into my trash bag. Sealed my paint can and sat back!!
Give it a try.
Suggested materials:
  • Valspar Season Plus paint   (Lowes)
  • 2"Short handle brush by Wooster   (Lowes)
  • Painters tape   (Lowes)
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