One of the homes we did that we had to use our Red Oxide Primer along with our Coating System - Rhino Shield a

replacement to painting.
This house was a disaster when they called us in to take care of it. They installed new windows and then had us take care of the outside for them. They Choose Rhino Shield due to the longevity they would get out our product along with the benefits of Never having to paint again, along with the Ceramic in the topcoat to give them some insulation benefits.
Once the surface was prep, this was before we had EPA in our lives, we applied our Red Oxide Primer to help elliminate rusty nails from bleeding thru. Applied Kilz primer, then OUR Primer, and then........
Our Ceramic Coating is applied and they are done for a long time. They were putting a skirting around the bottom to enclose it off.

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