Can you help me choose colors for painting my home exterior (pic)?

by HappyGrandmaGA

Can't decide colors - want to paint brick & white garage door, love the soft Country French colors. I've tried an online site to paint my virtual house and they have all been horrible! My house is in first 2 photos, next 2 are paint combos I like....but what to paint the brick and garage door - - or leave brick?? If we leave brick, we'd paint the garage door the color of the house....if we paint brick, the garage door would be the same color as the trim. Help!

1 of 2 photos of our house

2 of 2 photos of our house, note brown stone wall in front and brownish roof. Can't do gray but may be able to do a greige? I think we might be able to use 3 or 4 different colors but not sure! TIA

This is one color combo that we like. Black on windows first floor only. We have white vinyl window frames and husband says we can't paint them but I don't want white!

Here is another combo we like.....I think the windows are the same as the trim which is a very soft ivory......the house appears to be painted brick in a soft beige. Can we do this to ours? Brick color? Garage door color?

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