Summer Backyard Refresh!

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Disclosure: This post was written for Worx & HomeTalk. All words are from my own experience.

We used to start our yard clean up in the Spring and continue all through the Summer and beyond. Who wants to do yard work on nice Summer weekends?! We decided to get it done quickly over a long weekend. It actually ended up taking us about 5 days because April brought us more hail, snow, and rain (sometimes all on the same day) then nice days. But typical for Michigan.

One big thing we didn't realize we could do was get away from mowing every weekend. This year we got a Worx Landroid Mower that will mow the yard FOR US and it's a wonderful feeling to know future weekends will be ours to enjoy!

So with that said, HERE WE GO!

This was our to-do list. Yours may be different.
  • Rake the leaves, pine needles, and any dog doodies.
  • Pick up fallen branches.
  • Weed & Mulch where needed.
  • Powerwash the fence and siding.
  • Make any repairs to fence.
  • Paint the fence.
  • Spread grass seed in bare spots.
  • Put in a fire hydrant in for our dogs enjoyment. (Currently he has a cinder block, lol).
  • Set up the Worx Landroid mower
  • Enjoy our weekends with less yard work!

Our list consists of things we anticipated having to do throughout the Summer to get (and keep) the yard looking good. A big focus would be cleaning up the fenced in doggy area and making it a nice place for our new dog to run around. We wanted to get as much done all at once and... JUST. BE. DONE.

Rake, Clean up & ReSeed the Lawn!

First things first you want a clean slate so rake up any remaining leaves, pine needles and dog mess. It doesn't have to be perfect so leave a little to mulch and feed the soil. Well, don't leave the dog doo cause that's just yuck, lol.

Weed and mulch flower beds if you have any. Then walk around the yard and pick up larger branches. Here also, I leave the little bitty stuff to mulch back into the earth.

Finally sprinkle grass seed in areas that need reseeding. It will take a few weeks to fill in but will look so much better! Did you know the Worx Landroid Mower is gentle on tender new grass? We will have no worries as it grows!

Powerwash everything you can (once and done)!

Powerwash everything you can (once and done)! We're focusing on the fence and the siding here but you might want to also do your deck and driveway if needed. I find just water is enough even without a cleaning additive which makes me feel better about doing it. And it's cheaper too!

Do any fence repairs needed- we added a wood slat all the way around and also landscaping timbers on the bottom so our little rescue dog can't get out.

Paint is the best refresher!

Giving the fence a fresh coat of paint really makes a great difference in the yard and it takes so little time using a spray gun. Just makes sure your surface is clean and dry before spraying.

Things are looking better already and it's going to be great having to do minimal work in the yard this year!

Add something new to your yard!

Every year we add something new to enjoy in our yard like planting a new tree or bush or adding flowers. Sometimes it's something a bit different like this where we put in a fire hydrant for our dogs enjoyment! Much better then the cinder block he used to raise his leg on, lol.

Whatever you decide to add it's a nice touch to put down landscaping fabric, rock, and a border. To see how to make the fire hydrant click HERE.

We set up the Worx Landroid Mower- easy as 1, 2, 3

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to get that shiny new toy that will make our lives easier! We have a large yard and it normally takes the two of us all weekend using both a riding mower and push mower. Sometimes we would mow EVERY weekend. I'd rather be just kicking back in my yard and enjoying the leisure life. You know, doing what I WANT to do. Not what I HAVE to do.

The Worx Landroid Mower is what's going to make the BIGGEST difference in our summer enjoyment! Setting it up was as easy as laying the perimeter wire so it doesn't mow the neighbors yard or run into the street. An invisible fence for your robot, lol.

The Worx Landroid Mower has a sensor and won't run over the dog or any toys or lawn furniture within that area- it's a smart robot! It's lightweight and won't harm the new grass we're growing. It even goes back to it's base under our deck on it's own. And I will mention too (because someone is going to ask) that it has a GPS tracking on it so we will know if someone attempted to take it.

Have you made your to-do list yet?

Lazy Summer Days- here we come!

We're just going to sit and watch our new grass grow now...because that's all that's left to do.

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  • Flipturn Flipturn on May 06, 2020

    You listed the cost of the project as only $30.

    Did that include ALL the 5 materials other than the mower?

  • Rpp374907 Rpp374907 on May 07, 2020

    What about the dog poop, will it run over that?


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    We live in MI too. Love that we sometimes have all four seasons in ONE DAY lol

    The doggie hydrant is the cutest! So clever for your little pooch 🐕 Now you have the freedom to relax in you’re lovely yard, or get out and enjoy our beautiful state 😊