A Rustic Bookcase Makeover Using the Radiance Mandala Stencil

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Whether you call it boho chic or rustic opulence, Mandala designs are a huge trend in home decorating. The Mandala was derived from India and it captures the beauty of the world. Incorporating our Mandala stencil designs into your DIY decorating projects is easy and affordable. These beautiful patterns can add joy to your space and help spread positive energy. Today we're sharing a DIY stenciled bookcase makeover using our Radiance Mandala Stencil from the NEW Mandala Collection.
We'd like you to welcome back Janna , one of the Cutting Edge Stencils owners and a creative DIYer. Janna's friend, Susanna, purchased an old wooden bookcase at a flea market. This almost roadside piece was about to become a rustic treasure once it was in the hands of this creative duo. Here is what it looked like before its stenciled makeover using one of our Mandala Stencils.
An old piece of wooden furniture is hard to toss because it has so much character and potential. Janna said the goal was to keep the rustic, primitive look of the bookcase because Susanna planned to use it to decorate a rustic cabin. So Janna decided to enhance the old bookcase using one of our new Mandala Stencils, the Radiance Mandala Stencil. This intriguing pattern radiates energy and is perfect for furniture projects.
The first thing she did was dust the piece and wipe away any cobwebs. Then with her large Mandala pattern in hand she was ready for the fun part, stenciling! Janna carefully taped the stencil down using blue painter's tape. Because the shelving was nailed into the bookcase, she was unable to remove it. She had to carefully bend the stencil to paint the back.
Janna made sure she brushed off any excess paint on a piece of paper towel. Too much paint will cause the design to bleed. She painted the detailed Mandala design with white latex paint using a large stencil brush. Janna made sure she covered the entire design with paint before she removed the pattern.
Once it was complete, she carefully removed the stencil and repositioned under the shelf to continue the pattern along the back side of the bookcase. Then she stepped back to admire the beautiful pattern.
Are you ready to see how her trash to treasure project turned out? Here is Janna's Mandala stenciled bookcase.
This intricate pattern certainly adds character and charm to this rustic bookcase.
Janna had this to say about the project, "Project took about 15 minutes and was a blast!"

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  • Radiance Mandala Stencil   (Cutting Edge Stencils)

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