Antique Cabinet, Side Table Repair,

2 Materials
Antique French XVI Louıs Danby Accent, Side Table,Cabinet
A very nice antique pieces was passed in our hands,,and my husband wanted just to refresh and repair byself......As you see it ,,Thies piece has too many scars, some tiny holes, and There were some places fades unfortunatelly on this beauty......
He took of every single metal carves and drawers pullsfrom the cabinet,than ,made a very deep sand, and almost took 2 days
After he polished 2 layers each piece individually....he did the same process to metal carves and drawerspulls..
Hope You Enjoyed ,,now this beauty ie ready to sale on our ETSY shop.....

Stay With Love
Suggested materials:
  • Varathane   (Stripper)
  • Stain
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