Beat up Old Chair Turned Functionally Pretty

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I saw a beat up old wooden chair on the side of the road and immediately thought it would look great on my front porch. The wood was in good shape but the seating area had a huge hole in it.
I didn't take a before picture but this is a close example....
I cut this off the seat area. You can see the hole at the bottom. There was no "fixing" this.
I decided to use plastic rope from the dollar tree to remake the seating area. I needed something that would hold up under all kinds of weather. My front porch is not that big and the chair would get rained on.
I first started by wrapping the chair tightly side to side with rope. I then wove the rope into these strands. Everything has to be tight so that the seat does not sag. I used different colors because I liked the effect.
Here is the final seat. It is tight and holds body weight with no sagging.
My husband was no too thrilled with the different colors so I taped of the rope area and hit it with spray paint. This color compliments the trim on my house. I tested it to make sure the paint did not rub off off the plastic rope.

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden chair   (side of the road)
  • Plastic rope   (Dollar tree)
  • Spray paint   (Walmart)

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  • CalamityJane CalamityJane on Feb 20, 2017
    To secure the ropes running across the seat, did you simply tie them off at the bottom of the chair?

  • Cud15744056 Cud15744056 on Mar 18, 2017
    I wanted to ask you two things. One was how much rope did you buy and just a guess about how long do you think it took you to do the project ? I am sorry but I have to follow all the others and say that when I first saw the colors you used and the pattern it jumped right out at me ! Beautiful ! I know it's too late to say "oh no" but yup that's it. And just a P.S. if I did that you certainly wouldn't find it on my porch !!! Thanks and keep it up .

  • Mj Ahrens Mj Ahrens on Mar 19, 2017
    did you go through the bottom or just weave the top?


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  • Carey Carey on Apr 29, 2017
    Angel, that was an inspiration! What a great idea and it should stand up to a lot of use as well as looking beautiful.

  • Jan Jan on Sep 26, 2017
    awesome outcome. I really liked the different colors