Black Table Makeover With Paint & Stain

Highstyle Restyle
by Highstyle Restyle
Each month, a group of my blogger friends gives a piece of furniture a themed makeover. This month, it was back to black.
This beautiful pedestal table was in near perfect shape, but the owner was ready for a change after 10+ years.
If you've ever had a project that gave you a run for your money, this blog post is for you. See this streaky, horrible finish? That's what kept happening each time I applied my top coat. I sanded, repainted and applied 4 different types of top coats and the streaks would reappear.
Time to move on to Plan B: sanding to bare wood and using black stain. Only problem was this table top wasn't having that either. The black gel stain turned the table BROWN when applied. Can I get a collective sigh?!

Not one to give up, I persisted and wasn't going to let this table get the best of me.

Find out how I figured out to ebonize (turning wood black) this table into a black beauty on my blog post:
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  • Highstyle Restyle Highstyle Restyle on Oct 23, 2015
    It's interesting how different wood take stain and paint. I've had other staining problems but never this severe!
  • VictoriaC VictoriaC on Jan 17, 2016
    Sherrie, now you have me wanting to paint my furniture black. I have dark oak, and it is good wood and pretty, I am just sick of looking at it..My daughter said "MOM, Don't do it, it is a fad!" Well it is a fad I like so I am going to do a piece..Wish me luck! thanks for sharing...