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I got bored so i decided to spice up this concrete table that i am going to sell. I am going to finish it tomorrow and i will post finished pics. I made it 3" thick and put a grey concrete band around it. I put alot of voids and veins in the grey band where i can go back and fill with blue concrete to match the surface. My wife saw it and is wanting to keep it for our house..... after its been sitting in my way at the shop for a year! Does anyone know where i could get some large tree stumps? i think this would look good if i made a base that was one or two large tree stumps..... or make a concrete base that looks like a tree stump with branches coming out to support it.

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  • Jennifer Jennifer on Mar 07, 2017
    What did you use to get such a vibrant blue?


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  • Victoria D Victoria D on May 12, 2015
    Its beautiful, and yes a tree stump base may look organic, but how about metal legs or frame I think it would look awesome since the top its more of an abstract and really mdern looking.

  • Netters Netters on Sep 15, 2015
    You can have someone weld metal rods together and twist them as they "rise up" to the top to look like a trunk and then separate the rods (limbs) at the top to support the table top. You would have to also need to leave a few at the bottom to look like roots. I have seen some in designer catalogs. The top looks great!