Fabulous Fun With Unicorn SPiT

What a FUN FUN Project this was! I LOVE working with Unicorn SPiT! You can do so much with it, the possibilities are ENDLESS!
I cleaned the bench thoroughly... if there is a slick surface, you must apply something for the SPiT to adhere to.. So I applied a light green chalk paint to the entire bench.
Here is just a sample of my colors.. I was using two different "cardboards" as my mixing palettes! FANCY, I KNOW! lol

I used every color in the collection except Molly Red Pepper and Midnight Blackness. I hand painted it on.. then I rubbed it out using a damp rag... I would also spray my palette once in a while to keep the SPiT workable! That's the beauty of SPiT... if you add water, it instantly becomes so easy to manipulate!
Here is a sample of what the colors look like BEFORE you apply a sealant!
So here she is... before I reupholstered the seats~ I actually posted this on the Unicorn Spit Facebook page and Michelle, the creator of the SPiT, suggested a white "mohair" as the fabric....
Was Michelle right or what!? That white mohair certainly adds a gorgeous contrast! I also added more Purple Hill Majesty and Blue Thunder before I sealed it to make the piece BOLDER!
Underneath the flip up cushions, I added a cute fabric that coordinated with the fun colors in the SPiT job!
Here is a close up of the SPiT sealed - you can see how the colors POP! I sealed it with a Wipe on Polyurethane! www.Facebook.com/UnicornSPiT/
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