Mundane To Modern: A DIY Furniture Flip

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Welcome back you lovely stencil pro’s! This week’s Cutting Edge Stencils DIY Furniture Flip will be useful in basically every home! You’re probably still using a 10 year old bedroom dresser, right?! Using furniture stencils, you can take any old, boring, hand-me-down and create a modern bedroom dresser! Furniture stencils are one of the easiest DIY tricks that can help transform a room instead of spending a few hundred dollars(at least!) on a new bedroom dresser set. Who doesn’t love a good furniture flip for a fraction of the cost?! Let’s get down to the details of using furniture stencils for your next DIY furniture flip courtesy of our Cutting Edge Stencils team. Check it out!

Erika, our crafty guru here at Cutting Edge Stencils, works her magic in this video tutorial above once again! We cannot get enough of this hack for DIY Furniture Flip. There are so many options for furniture stencils and endless color variations to choose from. Using a few simple tricks she has up her sleeve and the   includes 3 inlay stencils and has an unmistakable tribal flare. These stencil designs are intricate and beautiful, but at the same time, very durable, reusable and easy to work with!

Erika began by taking the plain IKEA Rast dresser and giving it a few base coats. This particular color is custom Benjamin Moore using mixed black, Chicago Blues, and New York State of Mind. Too pretty!! Definitely gives this bedroom dresser a whole new look already. After removing each individual drawer from the base, she starts to stencil the border on the outside base of the dresser. Using the first border design of the Inlay kit and a  , she applies Benjamin Moore’s Navajo white to the stencil.

This specific IKEA Rast bedroom dresser only has 3 drawers but you can use the kit for as many drawers as you need! You will apply the same border around the face of drawers as you did for the base of the dresser. Again, using a stencil brush and a light coat of paint, Erika filled the stencils with the Navajo White paint from Benjamin Moore. Then, she went over the second border from the set as seen below! She was careful to keep a straight light and lightly painted over! After a few minutes of letting it dry, it was time for her to cover the face of the drawers with the Neera Inlay Stencil. Because this is a larger stencil, she used a paint roller instead of the brush.

Lastly, Erika used the Neera Inlay Stencil on the top of the dresser using the same roller and paint. Once she peeled it back, she made sure everything was up to her liking and the stencil aligned correctly. Everything seems perfect here! Now, for a little extra touch on this bedroom dresser, Erika found the most adorable   and replaced those crazy yellow ones! What a difference. A little bit of time and effort can go a long way!! Look how incredible the final product of this DIY Furniture Flip looks! We are obsessed with this design. She easily transformed a mundane and basic IKEA Rast bedroom dresser to her own modern work of art using furniture stencils!

Where would you put the dresser after it’s all finished? How do you feel about these colors and would you try it yourself?! 

Suggested materials:

  • Neera Inlay Stencil Kit   (
  • Stencil Kit   (

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