How do I paint an entertainment center

q how do i paint an entertainment center
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  • Becky Partain Becky Partain on Jun 09, 2017
    Use FUSION or CHALK paint. No prep work required. I would still wipe it down first. They're so many colors to choose from. Have fun.

  • Kathi Meenehan Kathi Meenehan on Jun 10, 2017
    Visit an Annie Sloan Stockist if you can. Their paint is easy, but they don't mind demonstrating their products! And they have paint classes that can teach you tricks! Cleaning well, rinse, then paint! Paint does need to cure to harden, so you need to give it a few days, treating it gently. Have fun!

  • Barb Lesiak Barb Lesiak on Jun 10, 2017
    Chalk paint...any brand... is fabulous. I bought mine at Menards and the results are fabulous. You can even make your own chalk paint. I found a great hints on

  • Debbie Hays Powers Debbie Hays Powers on Jun 10, 2017
    just finished mine in Annie Sloan graphite

  • Debbie Hays Powers Debbie Hays Powers on Jun 10, 2017
    Before puc

  • Kari Bennett Kari Bennett on Jun 10, 2017
    I made my own white chalk paint using plaster of Paris. The recipe is on pinterest. I will never buy expensive chalk paint again. My entertainment center turned out great.

  • LaWanna Lampert LaWanna Lampert on Jun 10, 2017
    The chalk paint I used is from Wal-Mart. It's in the craft section at $5.00 a bottle. A little goes along way.

  • Den1778972 Den1778972 on Jun 19, 2017
    Yes... chalk paint or General Finishes paint is perfect for a project like this. I bought an entertainment center from Potato Barn that was beautiful in shape and design, but they had painted in gray, then white, then used a crackle medium with another form of white, then used the thickest and grossest (is grossest a word? Anyhooooo..) polyurethane over the entire thing that was put on so poorly that it dried in drips and clots and had turned the finish a lovely urine yellow. They had other pieces in the store which were exactly the same with the exception of the finish that had price tags of $3200... because this piece had been there forever and showed no promise of moving anytime soon, they marked it down to $800. I sanded for 2 solid days - which was necessary due to that crap poly .... I used the graphite Ann Sloan paint and then instead of waxing it, I used Minwax black stain over the top and then distressed it. The piece is 8ft tall by 7ft wide.. including sanding, it took me about 5 days. For yours, I would do the same, skip the sanding, just wipe it down first with a 50/50 combo of vinegar and water (in a spray bottle) to remove any oil/grease/dirt/etc. While you're doing the project anyway, you might consider adding a light kit to illuminate that top shelf. Easy to install, and the kits are affordable and available at either Lowe's or Home Depot. I'll post a pic of my piece when I get home. Good luck! I'm sure it will be amazing when you're done... ;-)