How do I refinish my server to look “beachier” and add more storag


I want to lighten this server so it has a nice whitish beach look. Also any suggestions for adding more storage with a cabinet below or shortening the legs for storage added to the top? Just seems like a waste of space underneath. Thank you for your help!

q how do i refinish my server to look beachier and add more storag
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  • Cynthia Carroll Hall Cynthia Carroll Hall on Mar 14, 2021

    I know you want to re-do this beautiful buffet, but check the value of it first. It is beautiful and unique. If there is little value than I would lighten it. You can take the existing finish off, then stain with one of the many existing colored stains or a use a white wax. I love your piece. You can add decorative baskets under it for extra storage, or attach the storage to the wall if necessary. Best wishes and good luck.

  • You could paint it white or a light blue for a beachy look. Personally, I love it just how it is. I would not cut down the legs. Maybe you'd want to consider selling this piece and get something more to your liking.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Mar 14, 2021

    I agree with Ann, sell it, there is not much of a way to get more storage from it other than baskets underneath. Even with painting or a whitewash finish you'd still have the same piece but in a different color.

  • Judy in Canton. Judy in Canton. on Mar 14, 2021

    I agree it is a lovely piece of furniture as is. I would try covering the flat areas with a wallpaper or contact paper in a driftwood pattern and leave the trim pieces as is. Accent the top with beach theme accessories or a faux aquarium. If you truly need more storage look for a treasure chest that would fit underneath but don't cut the legs. Have fun, it's a great piece.

  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Mar 14, 2021

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  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Mar 14, 2021

    I agree, this piece has value in keeping its current finishes.

    If you want bleached beach wood that bad, sell it and buy what you want from IKEA or some other trendy place.

  • Dee Dee on Mar 14, 2021

    This piece looks like it may be an antique. Check with a dealer to see what it is worth. You can sell it and buy a more modern piece to your liking

  • Betsy Betsy on Mar 14, 2021

    Hi Nona: The lines and woodwork on this piece do not lend it to a 'beachier' look. As stated above, it's too pretty to mess with. Painting won't do anything to add storage, and cutting the legs off would be a terrible thing to do. I agree with trying to sell it and getting something more to your liking, but please, don't change a thing on this beautiful piece.

  • Morgan McBride Morgan McBride on Mar 15, 2021

    A blue or white would look beachy and maybe glass knobs

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Mar 15, 2021

    You can paint blue, then white over than an distress. Change the hardware. Remove the 4 plaques on the front. Add large wicker baskets below for additional storage.

  • What a gorgeous piece. I would cut a custom shelf that fits between the legs, and mount it there, just a few inches off the ground and then get some light colored baskets to go with the whitewashed look and place them on the shelf for storage.

  • Lindsay Aratari Lindsay Aratari on Mar 30, 2021

    Painting a white or light blue color would be nice. You could add wicker baskets underneath

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Jul 21, 2021

    Paint it white and it would definitely have that beachy look.