I want to refinish a outdoor rocking chair

It is exposed to the elements. I want to do a rustic antiqued or cracked finish in blue. Need easy for a beginne. Advice and help needed. Thanks!
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  • Gma Kirk Gma Kirk on Jun 18, 2017
    I would not know how to do a crackle finish for outside in the elements but you can get an antique finish this way:
    first, sand lightly and paint with an oil base prime, let dry completely. Find an oil based exterior paint in the color blue you want. Many big box home stores sell small jars of testers of exterior paint, which should be enough for your project. Paint your chair, let dry. Then take a coffee colored exterior paint, thin with mineral spirit & wipe on the chair & then off to a degree of antiquing you are satisfied with, and allow to dry.

  • KattywhampusLOL KattywhampusLOL on Jun 18, 2017
    Whether a wooden rocking chair or a wooden table, it's all done the same way. Originally I was going to sen d youvideo about it but the most instructive video was difficult (fuzzy) to hear and labor intensive, so I am sending you an article from THIS OLD HOUSE which is actually even more to MY liking (who wants to do more work than truly necessary? NOT ME!). Hope you like the article as well as I do, and that your rocking chair turns out perfect for you! :)

  • Seethebeauty Seethebeauty on Jun 18, 2017
    no matter how you do it, finish it with a sealer or varnish to help protect it from the elements.

  • Claire Amirault Claire Amirault on Jun 18, 2017
    Any beginner can do this. Buy your paint at a crafte store and slap it on. Don't even be fussy. The one important rule is to paint each part going in the same direction. Example: back side to side, seat front to back or back to front, spindles in one direction. Let it dry. It won't look great. Not get some fine sandpaper and sand down the spots where you would expect wear if you had used it 50 years. Voila! It you take down more than you want just put a little paint back on in certain spots. If you want it to look older put a coat of water based walnut stain on after this,then quickly wipe it off with a clean rag. Do one part at a time with antiquing, not all at once.

  • Seethebeauty Seethebeauty on Jun 18, 2017
    There are some really good brands you can buy in gallon/quart size, but they can get a little pricey. I'm using Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Matte Clear (Painter's Touch) from Lowe's in the spray paint can for under 5.00. It's fast-drying, non-yellowing, UV resistant and can be used on wood, metal, plastic and more...

  • Nancy Eaton McEwen Nancy Eaton McEwen on Jun 19, 2017
    Lightly sand and chalk paint

  • Adam Eng Adam Eng on Jun 20, 2017
    make sure you use several coats of poly that will protect it from the elements