How can I repair paint bubbles on my oak cabinets?

by Hanne

We had a professional in to paint our older oak cabinets. They were sanded, primed and painted 2 coats .I have a gas stove and the cabinets to the right of it are showing tiny bubbles. Above it the area is large bubbles. I will replace with a higher hood fan as its too low but the doors should not bubble. How can I fix this?

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  • Definitely have that pro come back and fix it. It could be the heat of the stove but it could also be something with the wood, the original sealer, or any of the processes or materials the pro used.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 03, 2020

    Hi! It may be a product or application problem. Contact the company who did the work to have it corrected.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Mar 03, 2020

    I would get the professional to come back and correct the issue. This should have been a consideration when the job was done. I painted mine a long time ago and they never bubbled so I'm thinking there is some other issue.

    If you don't want to do a call back, I believe you need to sand down and re paint.

  • William William on Mar 03, 2020

    Yep, have the pro come back. It's probably the heat from the stove. It really should not happen. Could be the paint he used.

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 03, 2020

    Sounds like that cabinet may have had oil on it before the painting was done and wasn't cleaned with a degreaser prior to paint. I would contact the company who did the work to come look at it and see if they will fix it.

  • Jocelyn Whidden Jocelyn Whidden on Mar 03, 2020

    It likely had a coating on the wood that would essentially prevent the paint from properly sticking to the cabinets. Many cabinets have like a plastic like waxy coating that is almost impossible to remove without sanding down, priming, using an enamel cabinet paint, etc.

    they can be fixed but it’s going to be a lot of work.

  • I had this in the past caused by the heat from my stove. The seal on the stove could be releasing heat which is causing the issue. Paint will bubble from the heat of a heat gun, so I dont see why heat from a stove will not cause the same issue.

  • Dee Dee on Mar 03, 2020

    Sounds like your painter did not use the proper paint. My cabinets were redone several years ago. The steam from the stove does not make the cabinets bubble.

    Call your contractor and have them fix the problem with good paint, from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams and seal the cabinets correctly. You have curing time and they should not be sealed right away. Let the paint dry a few days.

    • Hanne Hanne on Mar 03, 2020

      She was recommended from Benjamin Moore and used their paint. I think she did not sure the right sealer but I will get it and re do it myself. It also came off cabinets way too easy.

  • Dee Dee on Mar 04, 2020

    Hi Hanne: I do not think it was a sealer problem. From your description it sounds like poor prep. Get your contractor to re-do the job.

  • Deb K Deb K on Mar 04, 2020

    Hello Hanne, I hope this link gives you some ideas on how to fix and prevent this from happening to you again

    And if you decide to paint them again

  • Renee Lowe Renee Lowe on Dec 25, 2020

    I had this happen after my cabinets were painted by a professional. Took the door off, sanded, primed and repainted myself. It has been two years but has now happened again. It is on the right side of my range where the large burner is that I use every day. I don’t know if there’s a solution. The rest of the cabinets have been fine. If you find a fix, please post as I will be redoing mine again.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jan 17, 2021

    If it was recently refinished by a professional, I would call them back to determine the problem and if they will make the repair.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Oct 31, 2023

    The temp at site is too high for paint, so maybe choose a paint that will tollerate the heat next time!