Verathane Quick Dry wood stain question!?

Okay so I stripped my headboard that I got from a thrift store (pretty sure it’s mahogany wood) it has alot of ornate carvings and such so it was SUCH a hassle to strip the thick varnish that was on it took me about a month to strip this whole bedroom set. So yeaterday I FINALLY began staining it, I went with early American - verathane quick dry stain, I started out with small parts to make sure I liked it and I did! But today looking at it, I really feel like it’s not dark enough and I would rather try Kona or Dark Walnut as my other bedroom pieces are. Sooo I tried to do a second coat with the darker colors and it’s not taking at all! It just wipes right off even after letting it sit. I read somewhere that even the stain that’s not stain with poly still has a small amount of poly in it, so I’m assuming that’s why it wont accept or absorb any more color. Is there any way to thin that poly? Or something so I can stain it darker? I REALLY don’t want to have to strip it again because the ornate carvings are such a pain to get the stripper out of. And I’m worried that sanding it will just gunk up and clog my sander. Any help is appreciated!!!

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