How should I make over this nighttable?


I have this night stand that I desperately need to do something with but I can't decide. I'm gonna take out the drawer slides and put a peice of wood where the drawer used to be so it lays flat. How should I paint it? Gray? Dark green/teal and stain the top, paint the feet gold? If anyone has any thoughts please share!Thank you for all of your thoughts and advice! Don't know what I'd do without you guys. Quick Update to my question: should I pull off these metal accents to paint them or leave them on? I'm worried I wont be able to reattach them. Also one is missing. Can I order one similar? What are they called? If not I have polymer clay I can try to recreate it? Also should I remove the feet to paint or can I leave them on. If I leave them on should I do them first or after. I think I'm gonna do them a metallic gold. I havrnt decided if I'm going to do a real witn a stain on top, white or gray with a pop of color inside or the Annie sloan graphite now. I'll figure it out as I go. Here are some closer pictures.

q what should i do to this
q what should i do to this
q what should i do to this
q what should i do to this
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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Feb 11, 2020

    I love the ideas you started with. You can scuff with steel wool & clean with denatured alcohol for prep. The colors you choose should consider your style and other furnishings. Also, you might want to get basket(s) before your decide on a paint color so they will coordinate. When I did mine, I couldn't pick a color so I went silver metallic. Goes with everything we have. I particularly like the teal and stain. I used to have a coffee table and end tables like that. If you decide to paint the feet an accent, I would also paint the squares at the top of each side on front to match the feet. Perhaps even accent the ridges on the side with the same color. Looks like a great project for your next day off.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Feb 11, 2020

    Hello there,

    I love polished wood myself, but I could see this piece in Grey or Dark Green, even Dark Blue, with gold highlights or green on grey or grey on green or antique wax. This could be something really nice. Enjoy the project!

  • Gk Gk on Feb 11, 2020

    I really like the Annie Sloan Graphite paint color-chalk paint--with an stained top. Rustoleum Chalked Paint has a similar color-Charcoal--and Rustoleum is less expensive--you can find it at Menards. Teal would be very pretty too! Or an off white color like Annie Sloan Old White. I like your idea of the stained top!

    • Leanne Leanne on Feb 12, 2020

      I love it! Is the picture of the Annie Sloan Graphite? Is it a little green or is that just me?

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Feb 11, 2020

    take out the slide add a small piece of wood inside and and stain it or paint it and you will have a shelf.

  • Tom Stuart Tom Stuart on Feb 11, 2020

    When you remove the drawer slide cut a strip of wood to fill in the center of the hollow space. That way if you use a thin panel of wood for a shelf it will not sag.

  • Tom Stuart Tom Stuart on Feb 11, 2020

    Also, if you want to keep the look of the drawer remove the front of the drawer and hinge it to cover the shelf. Depending on what you want to keep on the shelf it will look neater enclosed.

    Or just leave the drawer. It will make nice detail when it is finished.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Feb 11, 2020

    I think a stain and paint combo is a great idea, perhaps a rich mahogany on the top and a white base with chrome/silver feet? If you replace the drawer slide with a shelf you might be able to find a wicker basket that fits right in there that would add interest and a great cubby for unsightlies.

  • Dee Dee on Feb 11, 2020

    Why would you want to remove the drawer. It has storage. I would lightly sand the night stand and then you can stain it with General Finishes color stain, Minwax makes a color stain too. Or You can paint it. I would use a paint sprayer so that you do not get brush marks. If you decide to paint it then you can glaze or distress. The top can be the same finish or a dark finish.

    I would put a shelf on the bottom and then add baskets for more storage. I like wood or dark colors for this nightstand. Dark gray with a glaze would look amazing.

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    • Dee Dee on Feb 12, 2020

      Oh Ok, then I would put a very thin piece of wood on the bottom. You can find that at Michaels, or Hobby Lobby, be sure to use the 40% off coupon. or you can use a heavy piece of cardboard and put contact or wallpaper over it. I would then either buy some wooden containers or small baskets to use for storage. You could use the matching wallpaper, the peel and stick kind for the back of the nightstand and paint. I like for woodsy look and paint the night stand a nice forest green.

  • I love the look of a walnut stain on the top with the rest painted teal.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Feb 12, 2020

    It really depends on your personal style. If the night stand were mine, I would probably sand the outside and paint it white or a light color and paint the inside a bright pop of color.

    There are lots of ideas here:

  • Gk Gk on Feb 13, 2020

    The Annie Sloan Graphite is not green. It is a very dark gray almost black. The Rustoleum Charcoal is a titch lighter but definitely dark gray.

  • Janice Janice on Feb 13, 2020

    I can see your piece painted a nice grey with maybe a teal interior, if that works for your color scheme. It seems you could also accent the upright grooves on the front with either a metallic that might match the metal pieces.