Vintage Metal Utility/Pantry Cabinet Gets Madeover

by Theresa
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instantly fell in love with this cabinet a lady was throwing away at an estate sale. I wanted to buy it and so I did. Thus began our journey to convert to a pretty storage cabinet for my craft stuff and keep it simple.
Here it is in all its glory soaking in a rust remover bath on the left and the final project minus the polished nickel handles I changed out. finding 2 3/4 " handles is next to near impossible.
side by sided it makes it look so bad. the left is after the second stripping and still sanding. after stripping the 1st time to remove what ever paint they used and prepping it I used a primer for metal (not mentioning the name) I had to re-strip it due to the product not spraying out right, it came out in clumps and powder. even with trying a 2nd can it wouldn't spray evenly or get good coverage. I was not happy!! However in this journey I learned that you don't need all those fancy strippers that burn you.... the best thing I used and it worked amazing not to mention I had little effort to strip the paint when using it. I know your dying to know what it was..... OVEN CLEANER from Lowes.
Even Benny couldn't get enough of this cabinet. He he this is where he sat the whole time I sanded.
I finished this is a collage but I amazed myself. Simple yet pretty. the whole interior is high gloss white oil based paint, the outside is lilac lavender, and the accent grayish color is my special mix of lavender and grey. I have since changed the handles out to polished nickle.
I love the etch lines in the glass window. so vintage. the whole cabinet was coated with a gloss lacquer. This one didn't go into the closet it is front and center so you see it when you walk into the office. More pictures later after all is in place
I added a light in the top of the shelf and just simple little decoration for the moment and its so pretty
plenty of storage and different sizes of spaces.
you can display or cover it up. even a little drawer for thing that get lost
painted the metal divider the accent color. More pictures and projects I've done are posted on Pintrest as I am new to this and still learning.
Suggested materials:
  • Paint   (Lowes)
  • Oven cleaner and WD-40 rust remover   (Lowes)
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  • Theresa Theresa on Jul 03, 2016
    Yes he was. Lol he does on every project because he has to be right by mom. Thank you.
  • Theresa Theresa on Jul 03, 2016
    I have some additional photos i need to up load and upycle projects. This is 1st time posting to a site that you tell about it.