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A friend of mine contacted me when her Mother decided it was time to down size. I purchased a lovely three piece bedroom set from her. I am not a big fan of the waterfall style but these have a lovely detail down the front and the handles (in my opinion) made these pieces.
They are so dark and unappealing. The detailing down the front is very hard to see and the handles looked dirty and blotchy. I wanted to go with calm soothing colours that would lighten and freshen the set.
I chose to paint the set in Gull Grey and Bella Blue, two soft colours from the FAT Paint collection, but before painting I needed to prep them. The set was not together in one room but split up and two pieces were in the basement so a good cleaning was in order. I cleaned them with a solution of vinegar and water then rinsed them and dried them with a soft cloth. I removed the pulls from all the drawers and cleaned them with the same solution.
Now that the dressers and vanity are clean I could start painting. The exteriors were painted in Gull Grey and the drawers in Bella Blue along with the detail on the drawer fronts. Using a flat rounded tip artist brush for the detail on the drawer fronts made it easy to paint both the straight and curved details.
I painted the handles Gull Grey and then brushed on silver gilding wax. The handles now have a soft shimmer and enhance the drawers.
I chose a very soft blue material for the little bench seat that goes with the vanity. It is a little lighter than the Bella Blue which allows the detail to stand out on the drawer fronts rather than the little bench.
I finished the exterior and interior with Natural FAT Wax and gave it a light buffing. I chose to also do a very light sanding along the edges giving each piece a small amount of distressing.
Now that the Three Piece Bedroom Set is all done I see these as the perfect addition to a beautiful beach front or cottage style home. The cool soft tones would be perfect for such surroundings. What great furniture to build off of for a guest room or a young lady’s room.
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