How to Dark Wash

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As we all know, paint is powerful. It can be used to change furniture, create art, and so much more. For this project, paint made this dark wash brick possible.

We've all seen the white washing process that is all over farmhouse style but what about a dark wash for those of us who want a moody vibe or a bit of contrast.

let me show you. I made this faux floating mantle and used a painted piece of brick paneling for the insert. Fast forward six months, I was over the white and trying to add more contrast to my bright home. Insert the dark wash.


What you'll need for this project is quite simple and some of you might even have it around the shop.

  • black paint (I think any sheen will work)
  • joint compound
  • putty knife
  • sponge
  • paintbrush

Step one: this part is easy. Simply paint your desired "dark wash" surface completely black. I only did one coat because the paint I used had excelled coverage.

Allow that to dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: apply the joint compound all over the surface. I used the putty knife to really get into the surfaces. I went with DAP lightweight joint compound. I know from my experience , this one does not yellow overtime.

I tried to move quickly and aim for that imperfect look as I want it to look rustic. I used a slightly wet sponge to smooth out some spots even more but didn't rub too hard.

Step 3:

once the joint compound was dry, I went in with a dry brush and lightly painted brief brush strokes with my black paint. This was a challenge for me because as a perfectionist I wanted to keep going.

then , I let it all dry and styled the mantle for the upcoming holiday. I'm so glad I decided to make this bold change and think it works awesome in this space.

I hope you enjoyed !

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Suggested materials:

  • Black paint   (Fusion mineral paint)
  • Joint compound   (Home Depot)
  • Sponge   (Home)
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