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Hi everyone,
I've seen a lot of questions in Hometalk's DIY Forum about how to get the white-washed look using paint. Since I did it, I decided to post a tutorial. I just used flat white latex paint and water to make mine and I'll write about what I did. Some of the photo's were "staged" because I didn't take the photos when I did it. I actually did this shortly before I found Hometalk, but I've used my half-done pic many times to show people the difference.

I have Z-Brick on one wall in my living room. It was great when it was in style, but I was sick of it and am not crazy about the look of a painted fireplace so I decided to white-wash it.
This is before. I had taken down one curtain.
So, here are the supplies I used:
White flat latex paint
2" brush
Kids "stippling" brush
Container for mixed paint
I mixed 1 part paint with 2 parts water and mixed it thoroughly. I have noticed that on some websites it says use a 1/1 ratio, but the 1/2 worked for me.
Sponge Technique
I used a paint brush & sponge technique to get the look I wanted. I didn't want to cover all of the colors in the white/gray brick so I painted on some of the white-wash mix then went over it with a sponge.
Brush on the mortar
The "mortar - glue" for Z-Brick was black and this kids paintbrush worked perfectly. I could cover all of the black including getting into the nicks & crannies of the black "mortar". I took my time with this and went around each "brick" separately.
Halfway done
This is what the wall looked like when it was halfway done. I still had to finish the other half and the part below the mantle but this really shows how different the simple white-wash looked.
Finished Wall
Here's what it looked like when I was done. I love how it brightened up my north-facing living room and gave me a fresher look.

Suggested materials:

  • White flat latex paint   (Walmart)
  • Water   (on hand)
  • Paint brush   (on hand)
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