I would like to repaint my living room a neutral color that would go with my mid-century collections.

My furniture is neutral, so I'm game. I just have no clue what to pick. It has to be a color that is light, or will reflect light, as the room itself is fairly secluded from anything but morning light. Any suggestions? Oh, PS: the front door is now a deep orange inside and out.
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  • Elaine Elaine on Oct 16, 2016
    I agree with putting out just a few of your 50's vases at a time but that's just personal opinion. :) I well remember that era as I had a few vases too. If you are facing East receiving morning light, I would go with a creamy color such as "Sonnet" by B. Moore and go with a white for the baseboards. I'd also paint the inside of the front door the same color as the walls to open up the room more. A soft muted gold color would also be nice and would make the room "sunny" looking in the morning light. If you like a green-tan color, I've used "Florentine Plaster" by B. Moore. As the light changes during the day, it can sometimes look tan and/or a muted grey-green. It's quite an interesting color and mentioned in numerous decor magazines. I'm sure you are really fond of your orange door but if it's close to your living room, the color is "advancing" visually into the room thus making the room look smaller. However, if it's down a hall, then it can be quite nice.
  • Elaine Elaine on Oct 16, 2016
    PS: I forgot to mention one other thing .... would you be open to the idea of hanging a large-ish framed mirror above the sofa including it in your art grouping? It will help to bounce the light around the room. You would, of course, have to move a few paintings to make room for it.