Make Your Own Chalk Style Paint

I love the Annie Sloan product, but it is a little expensive, not available in my area, and I have to use the colors it comes in (although most are lovely). I made my own using Calcium Carbonate and latex paint.
The finished table!
There are two products involved in the making of the chalk-style paint (Chalkpaint is a term that describe Annie Sloan's's her term so I'm using "chalk-style paint" but the end result is the same). The products are Calcium Carbonate Powder and Latex Paint!
Two ingredients!!
Use two parts paint to one part calcium carbonate. Most of my chalkpaint jobs are small, so I used the one of the paint pots available at most paint stores, Lowes, or Home Depot. This kept it simple. The paint pot is 8 ounces so I only needed to add 4 ounces of Calcium Carbonate which equals 1/2 cup. Could not be easier.
Mix your two ingredients together. Stir well. I could not find anything handy to stir with and had to use a stick from a tree limb!!! Whew! Your consistency will not be as smooth as paint but it will still brush on nicely.
Brush your "brew" of chalk-style paint on and allow adequate time to dry. Mine dried 24 hours. Once dry, rub down with steel wool and distress with a fine grain of sand paper. In this case, my table was blue under the white, so I wanted hints of blue to show here and there.

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  • Eva Barker Beaule Eva Barker Beaule on Jun 06, 2014
    PS...there are several ways to make your own chalk-style paint. One thing that makes using calcium carbonate appealing is that the mixture will last. If stored, in an airtight container or jar, you can use it for additonal projects.
  • Carol Carol on Jan 28, 2018
    Thanks for the information.