Best way to paint french doors?

We have 2 interior french doors x 15 panes each x 2 sides each=60 glass inserts. We plan to use a sprayer. Do I paint then scrape each pane, or handpaint with a brush trying to avoid glass, use the vaseline trick...or go spend 3 hours taping?
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  • If you plan on spraying, then personally I would tape them off. You just need to run the tape along the edges of the window glass then use painter's masking paper to cover up in between where the tape doesn't.

  • I second Dan's thoughts. Taping should not take as long as cleaning vaseline off of the glass. Use a straight edge razor blade to keep the tape straight in the corners. There are also pre-cut square pieces of tape that can be put in the corners for perfect edges. Then just fill in with straight strips of tape.

  • Stacey B Stacey B on Mar 11, 2012
    looks like I should start taping....ugh. thank you for the advice!