Asked on Mar 06, 2018

Can I really use interior paint for outside use?

Sabrina Abbott
by Sabrina Abbott

I was told (by a pretty knowledgeable sales person) that it’s just fine to use an interior paint for a table that’s outdoors? The table lives on my back porch (screened in very large room.)

The table wouldn’t get very much sun or rain but I do live in Florida, less than a mile from the Gulf. We have A LOT of heat and A LOT of humidity!

I‘ve painted many many things in my time and haven’t ever really thought about interior for exterior and vice versa. I definitely plan on sealer/varnish/lacquer of some sort so it’s not like I’m going to paint and not put some sort of finish on the table. Any info/insight on the paint or sealer would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!

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