Deco Art Satin Enamel over Chalk Paint?

Has anyone used Deco Art Satin Enamel over chalk paint? Did it adhere well, remain durable? I want to paint my oak cabinets WHITE. I painted one door white with satin enamel yesterday but you can see the raised grain of the oak through several coats of paint. Chalk paint doesn't do this on my cabinets, maybe because it is so thick, but I don't want the finish to be chalk paint. I haven't had good luck with wax or poly (even water based polycrylic) over white without getting yellowing. I am considering painting the cabinets with chalk paint, then doing at least two coats of deco art satin enamel pure white on top of that as I've heard great things about it but want to see if anyone has had good/bad results with doing so! Thanks!

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  • Pamela Allen Pamela Allen on Mar 01, 2018

    The chalk paint wouldn't be a problem if you didn't wax it afterward.

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    • Pamela Allen Pamela Allen on Mar 04, 2018

      I think sanding it before painting would help with the adhesion, always a good idea regardless. Clean, sand and wipe the cabinets down before painting should help with the adhesion. Thank you for asking this question, I'm sure a lot of people have this question.

  • Alexandria Alexandria on Mar 01, 2018

    I think rustoleum is great but not sure how it would paint over chalk paints, maybe a quick sand would work

    • Kristina Brazeal Kristina Brazeal on Mar 02, 2018

      Rust-Oleum makes an acrylic satin enamel, too? I've seen their oil-based enamel. It is cheap, but I had rather pay more for quality. I'm afraid of using oil-based with kids and fish in the house. Just wondering about deco art acrylic satin enamel over chalk paint.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Mar 02, 2018

    Your prep will determine how well the paint adheres. Scrub it down and sand it. Once you get a smooth surface, a sealer like Kilz will give you a good base coat and then paint with a good latex paint. The Kilz can be tinted if you want a color. Seal the paint or you will have trouble cleaning it.

    • Kristina Brazeal Kristina Brazeal on Mar 02, 2018

      I hate latex paint, especially for white. No matter how closely I follow prep directions and wait the recommended time between coats, and how expensive of a brush I use, a) brush strokes are always visible, b) it never seems to cure--remains "sticky" even years later, and c) a kitchen would require a top coat/sealer which ALWAYS yellows white. I have even tried several types of polycrylic, crystal clear "sealers", etc. that reviews say do not yellow, but IT ALWAYS does for me. I am trying to find a really durable finish that doesn't require a sealer because I want white cabinets that won't yellow. I've heard fantastic things about deco art satin enamel (acrylic, not latex) being really durable and not needing a poly coat.