Foundation CB paint (exterior and interior)- any suggestions?

I got onto the DryLok's web sit BEFORE purchasing a couple THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of their paint due to the CB foundation of of farm house never having being sealed properly. I used to be "rented out" by my former husband to do painting when we owned a commercial building company, so I AM familiar with panting. I followed ALL of DryLok's instructions and used EVERY product which they recommended. I knew the former owner had used the "farmer's bathroom" in the basement without the shower ever being sealed as well. I used TSP in the basement dragging a hose down there to make certain everything was totally rinsed. I also used it outside along with the DryLok masonry cleaner. I laid on my side (then 63 years old and with a bad back), and scrubbed the entire exterior with a wire brush. I even filled in ALL of the masonry areas which were showing signs of wear. (The entire house had been raised off the foundation for this new CB basement 2 years before we purchased this century old farm house). After a complete rinse, I allowed the foundation to DRY FOR 3 WEEKS during a dry spell which we were going through here in SD. I then proceeded to give it 3 coats of paint, once again, following the manufacture's directions to the "T". The exterior paint began to COME OFF IN SHEETS in spots within a matter of 6 MONTHS. The interior, I never have finished in the basement for ETCHING has begun in some of the areas. This paint is EXTREMELY expensive and also carries with it a 10 year warranty! It took me FOREVER to finally contact customer service and speak to someone regarding these issues. Their comment was "I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO PAINT!" I would suggest people NOT wasting their money on this product! I still have over 3 gallons of a large 5 gallon container in the basement and I don't want to even bother using it! ANY SUGGESTIONS on a good CB paint and waterproof sealer? Now I have to deal with the old stuff too! ARGH!

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  • Charly Charly on Dec 05, 2017
    It sounds like you did everything right except you should have sealed the foundation before you painted it. Then sealed it again after paiting it. The foundation is old and very porous and it absorbs moisture. I would sand it all down to get rid of any loose paint. Seal it with an exterior sealer. Let it dry and then repaint it with a specific EXTERIOR paint only. Not an indoor/outdoor paint. Once dry, seal it again. Sometimes the more simple route is the most effective route. Good luck. Take your time.

    • Constance Constance on Dec 05, 2017
      This WAS DryLok EXTERIOR paint which I used on the outside. The foundation is NOT OLD, but 8 years old. The whole house was lifted for this new CB BASEMENT, they just didn't seal it when it was put in.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 05, 2017
    I comend you on all your efforts and I know how flistrating it can be when a product doesn’t hold up! I’m almost 61 myself here in about 3 week and also have a bad back! But like you, we still have things that’s got to be done right? Your problem with your paint isn’t the first I’ve heard or seen! Seems ever since the government passed stricken environmental laws where our paint products had to be seriously changed in order to pass these new laws. Paint hasn’t been the same since! With the same issues you mentioned with paint peeling or flaking off after months down the line! Even new vehicles are having paint peeling off these days too!
    I ‘mnot sure what you mean by CB paint though? I’m not a painter by trade but I am a cabinet maker and all around handyman. I have had good luck with the paint I’ve bought so far from Home Depot with painting the exterior of our home, garage, barn, and so on! I don’t know if they have the paint your looking for, but never hurt to ask! Benjamin Moore also has good paint, but they know it and charge a high price for it too! But still may be a option for you to check out? Really wish I had some magical answers to help you but I just don’t! Least not knowing what the CB means? I’m in Camas, Wa. So you may not have the same retail stores that I do either? Hope you find what your needing! Taking care of yourself and good luck with your projects!

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    • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Dec 06, 2017
      Yea I know about those warranty issues too, I had a few conversation s on FB about those life time warrantit’s usually not worth the paper their written on! Younger generation hasn’t caught on to those problems yet, think those life time warrantuse are the next best thing to sliced bread! But very few ever follow thru, especially for decades of someone’s life time! Some your lucky to get them to cover their warranty even once! So believe me I know how you feel!
      Anyway I think I understand better now that I know what the CB stands for! That had me stumped! LOL
      so if I got it right now, you painted the cinder blocks correct? Did you pressure wash them or prep them in any way before painting? Just curious if that could of made any difference? Like I mentioned in my first comment though, they just don’t make a good paint like they use to! I think everything a water base product now? I know I don’t like it at all! Even the stains for woods isn any good! The invioremental people really messed up our paint and stain products and anything that goes along with it right down the line! Only thing I can think of that might help is pressure washing before painting if you haven’t done that? Then using a good primer first to give the paint something to stick to better. If you tried all that, I have no idea what to try after that? Hope somet works out for you!

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Dec 05, 2017
    I think she means cement block when she says CB. It's what is usually used when retro fitting a basement where there was none.

    • Constance Constance on Dec 06, 2017
      Hi LibraryKAT! Born and raised for 35 years in Michigan! Born in Detroit then moved on to Farmington Hills, MI. Finally Livonia for 15 years. After that Florida then onto GA for 3 years and finally SD where we have our farm.

  • Bijous Bijous on Dec 06, 2017
    1. Is this a basement or a first floor? Typically a basement is partially or completely underground. The outside of a basement must have a vapor barrier on the outside or it will weep moisture. No paint product will take the place of a barrier.
    2. If this is a first floor and is totally above ground, the block is wicking moisture up from the foundation. The foundation may have been poured incorrectly. It is within the block and/or the foundation itself.
    There is moisture there somewhere. You need to have a pro evaluate the situation.

    • Constance Constance on Dec 06, 2017
      Hi Bijous_2010 I did have a professional basement person come out to look the situation over before I ever began this project. It OS a basement with just the lower windows (single small about 12" high) showing. There are none in the tornado room. It IS underground and when we get heavy rains, it DOES weep moisture. We have never had a flood in it as the farm house sits high on the property, but the walls do get damp. This is why I began to paint them and seal them with the supposed water sealing paint which was SUPPOSED TO BE for water sealing against 30' high water floods! Wonderful warranty, the best! Problem is, both INTERIOR and EXTERIOR paint have not lived up to what the paint company promised. I have had a dehumidifier going almost constantly from spring through fall. It isn't running currently as we are in our dry season.

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Dec 06, 2017
    Small world; I grew up in Redford, right on the Livonia border. Also have know the Dakotas. :-)

    • Constance Constance on Dec 07, 2017
      REALLY small world! My one son and his family now live in Howell! :-)

  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Dec 07, 2017
    Too funny! Have a great Christmas. :-)