How to do Holographic silver glitter bathroom wall?

I want to make a silver holographic glitter accent wall, in my bathroom. What is the best combination of holographic glitter: super fine, fine, medium fine and chunky to add to mod podge for a smooth sparkly look? Also what is the best brand of glitter to use?

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  • Target sells glitter that you can mix into paint, but I would look into a less permanent solution, like wallpaper. Once the glitter is on the wall, it will forever have glitter bumps.

  • Lottie Crafts Lottie Crafts on Jul 05, 2018
    I did a glitter coat over my painted backsplash in my kitchen. It was a small area but I painted the wall then when it was dry I did a mix of equal parts of modge podge and water, then lightly dampened brush and then dipped it into the glitter and did slow strokes. Continued until all the glitter was off the brush. And repeated. I have textured walls so I don’t care about the bumps. Hope you can see the glitter it was a mix of blue, black, silver and holographi.

  • Jennifer Weber Ferguson Jennifer Weber Ferguson on Jul 06, 2018
    We have a Holographic Silver Foil that can be applied and the you could put the glitter in a clear coat over the foil - just an idea. Here is the link to the foil if you would like to check it out: