How can I paint ceramic tile floor?


My bathroom floor is old early 70's little one inch squares. The grout is stained and won't clean. It's just old, discolored and ugly. What kind of paint and pre work do I need to do to paint this floor?

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  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jan 06, 2019

    There’s lots of forums on this here and I would do a search.

    Preparation on tiny mosaics floor tile is going to be tedious, but essential.

    Whatever discolored the grout, may discolor it again. Think about that in your color selection process.

    I’m going to suggest a Non Paint Solution for the mosaics.

    If the tile is mostly unglazed porcelain mosaics, I would use concrete/masonry stain on it, as it will sink in like dye & not peel like paint.

    Concrete stain can be mixed any color, like paint. It doesn’t work if you try to go lighter.

    The floor needs to be absolutely grease & dirt free and TSP is what I would use. Possibly a strong white vinegar bath to etch it. Rinse, rinse rinse & dry.

    Mask off & burnish with painters tape all adjacent surfaces, as it will stain everything else it touches.

    It can be sponged in two or three colors, to create a forgiving granite look.

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    • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Jan 09, 2019

      Based on what my concrete stain stained that I didn’t want it to stain, like my painted steel garage gate, then my answer is yes, it will stain the glaze.

      I did clean my concrete with a muriatic acid based etching wash, as it is outside.

      I would go to a pro paint store, unless you know someone at a big box store with a ton of experience, and see if they’ll sell you a 2-3 Oz sample-sized of the stain and try it.

      Certainly ask the pros what will stick on a glazed floor in a bathroom.

      Ask if a light sanding with a belt sander would help, keeping in mind that glazes are essentially melted metals & minerals.

      I’d Also verify VOC’s of the chemicals & coatings required, in the event you’ll need extra ventilation. Or if this should be done in late spring with windows open.

  • Deb K Deb K on Jan 06, 2019

    Hi Jaquie, this video will help

  • Pick up a good bonding primer meant for tile and then you can paint over it. Be sure to seal several times with a water based sealer.

  • Jennifer Weber Ferguson Jennifer Weber Ferguson on Jan 08, 2019

    Clean the tile and grout well - make sure to allow it to dry for several days and then use a Bonding Primer - XIM makes a great one. Apply two coats of primer, paint and then seal - BenMoore's Stay Clear is pretty good - apply at least 3 to 4 coats.

    You could also have fun with adding some stenciled designs to the tiles - here is a concrete floor that I did for inspiration: