How do you remove old lead paint from 200 year old pine

the paneling or wide pine is very old and I do not want to ruin the boards.
q how do you remove old lead paint from 200 year old pine
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  • Jan Jan on Jun 17, 2018
    We were once told by a person in the know to not remove lead paint but to paint over it. If you try removing it you cause more of a problem. It Isn’t the the paint as much as the dust you create removing it. Unless you have kids who are going to be peeling it off and eating it, you are better off leaving it. Check with your State historians/renovator. They will know the rules, etc. and if you must remove it, they can tell you how to do so ”safely”.

  • Linda Linda on Jun 17, 2018
    Lead paint is dangerous when inhaled, etc. Ask your DYI store for suggestions. Probably should wear some kind of mask. There is furniture stripper that is very strong that would reveal the wood. Should wear gloves with that.

  • Linda Hunt Linda Hunt on Jun 17, 2018
    Please do not do anything with lead paint until you speak with someone who does this for a living as it is very dangerous. If you have no children or pets painting right over top is very safe but no stripping with out the gear required as it is more than just a face mask. Cripey, by the time you are all geared up you look like a haz-mat team member, bwahahaha. Always safety before all else with lead and asbestos. Good luck and enjoy the beauty of your end treatment. Please share with us too! regards, Linda