How could I paint the flowers on this table a different color?


I want to match my kitchen colors. How could I make it permanent?

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  • Lisa Lisa on Dec 28, 2018

    If you sand these flowers a bit, you could paint over them with acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. Once they've dried at least 24 hours, put a couple of coats of poly-acrylic top coat on them. No more than 3 coats of the poly-acrylic. The sanding will give the surface some 'tooth', so it will hold paint. Have fun with it, Annette!

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Dec 28, 2018

    It will never be permanent but it could last awhile if careful with it. If all you want to paint are the flowers, just clean very well and use craft oil based paint.

  • Countrycharm Countrycharm on Dec 29, 2018

    I agree with Lisa. I have done this and it worked for me. I did my whole kitchen counter, turned it from white to a blue/gray granite look with paint and poly-acrylic top coat.

  • Krafty Mrs.K Krafty Mrs.K on Dec 29, 2018

    There are tub and tile epoxy paints but it is an involved process. You might could use nail polish to change the color of the flowers. A table top will get scratched through every day wear so any paint will not last forever.

    Easiest change would be a table cloth.

  • Theresa Kralik Theresa Kralik on Dec 29, 2018

    I have used fingernail polish on similar projects. You might need to prime depending on the opacity of the polish.

  • Lily Schlender Lily Schlender on Dec 29, 2018

    since one of the tile has a crack why don't you break out the tile and redo different tile. you can do various sizes and do like a collage or whatever your kitchen tile looks like now.

    • Phaedra Phaedra on Dec 29, 2018

      I agree, It wouldn't take very many tiles and you could change the whole look of the table. . Another look would be to paint or stain the base and top frame. Then do a wood top.

  • Jackie Jackie on Dec 29, 2018

    Check out Daich Spreadstone wall and tile kits. I just resurfaced my almost black fireplace by using their alabaster kit and it came out beautiful. Bought it directly from their web site but I've read Home Depot carries it.

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    • Jackie Jackie on Dec 29, 2018

      Btw click on the picture and you'll get a better view.

  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 29, 2018

    If that is a crack in the tile above the flowers, or if more cracks exist, get a paint sample ($5 at Lowe’s) to do all the flower vines, plus all the cracks, plus extra vines you want to add. You don’t have to paint more flowers or leaves, but you could. You do need to seal the design, but you could do that just over the vines, leaves and flowers with a small paintbrush, or seal the whole table in a couple of coats over the whole table. Best wishes! 😊

  • Crystal Meyer Griffith Crystal Meyer Griffith on Dec 30, 2018

    I had a similar situation with a tiled table. I had royal blue tiles set in a frame of Ivory tiles. Very peculiar color scheme. I used a grout saw to separate the 2 colors and then removed the ivory tile. I replaced them with white matte tiles after cleaning the space carefully and thoroughly. Looks great now.

  • Jeannine Weatherford Jeannine Weatherford on Dec 30, 2018

    I believe that is my old table,that my husband did for me in the 80s. Crack and all. It was beautiful. We had the table though the 1980s and our daughter had it though the 1990s. After that I don't know we're it went. Thanks for showing it.

  • Terri Boesch Terri Boesch on Dec 30, 2018

    I have this same table. It is actually custom built has moving parts underneath for ease of the addition piece. It is not grout it is silicon would not recommend trying to remove the tile. Way too many headaches. The flowers are actually raised a bit and not real shiny. Good scrubbing on the silicone and the above suggestions with painting the tiny flowers would work. I took it out of my kitchen too big put it in my big room. Always thought I would have a house with a large dining room. Can't seem to get rid of it nobody seems to want these type of tables anymore. I refinished my moth in-laws old wood drop leaf table for my kitchen no worries for matching there.

  • D3beckyou D3beckyou on Dec 31, 2018

    I've done this several times for family members and clients: Clean tiles with vinegar and then alcohol and let dry. Then put two coats of Gripper brand primer and let dry 4 to 6 hours. Paint with whatever kind of paint you have in the color of your choice and let dry completely. Seal with 2 coats of triple thick in your choice of finish (gloss, semi or matte), let dry completely between coats and then leave to dry for 24 hours. Wipe clean with a damp cloth when dirty. It should look great for years if you take care of it.