How to coordinate paint colors ?

Upon entry to my home, you stand in the foyer and look left to the dining room and right to the living room and straight up the staircase and also down the hall to the back of the house How do I coordinate paint colors yet giving each space some individuality ?

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  • Bre29447132 Bre29447132 on Dec 31, 2017
    choose colors in the same depth of color like the second on down on the paint strip. Also try to use three colors in different ways in each room. Grey couch with orange and aqua pillows. Aqua walls with grey chairs in dining etc

  • Ili Ili on Jan 01, 2018
    Stay in the same family of colors, deeper or lighter and when the whole job is done, take a look and adjust if needed...baseboards could be white or a shade of it or???

  • JudyH JudyH on Jan 01, 2018
    A lot depends on the amount of natural light in each room. From your description, I'm assuming the foyer, stairs and hallway get the least amount. If that is the case, I would choose a light neutral for that area to keep it bright, and coordinating colors with more depth for the dining and living areas and white eggshell trim throughout. I think the trick for the living/dining is to choose paint colors for the rooms then make sure the color in one room is reflected in your accessories and artwork in the other, and vise versa. Even something as simple as a large mirror hung in your dining room that reflects the color in the living room works. And my favorite trick: paint the ceiling in you dining and living rooms the same neutral color as your foyer and hallway/stair area walls. Also suggest you Google 'color wheel' and read up on it or ask for assistance at a pro paint store (not Lowe's or Home Depot). All that being said, I strongly urge anyone to paint your surroundings and decorate using colors you love and make you feel happy, serene or peaceful. It is your home and your sanctuary.

    • Connie Connie on Jan 01, 2018
      This is exactly what I was thinking and trying to tell my husband. You articulated it perfectly and well enough to get the visual. Thanks for the help.

  • JudyH JudyH on Jan 01, 2018
    You're so welcome. Glad I could help. FYI: If you are going to use the painted ceiling idea be prepared for see your husband roll his eyes. LOL!! I had to promise to repaint ours white by myself if my husband hated it. He loved it!! Then when friends complimented it he would tell them "we" thought it would be a nice subtle touch. Husbands are like that, you know!! :)