How to remove paint from door for repainting?

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  • Barbara Barbara on Jan 27, 2019

    Depends on what type of door it is....I just completely redid 2 rusted (horrible looking!!) steel doors on the exterior of my home. I used an orbital hand sander with low grit sandpaper, then moved up with higher grit (used 40, then 80, then 120, then 240) and sanded everything off -- down to the bare metal. Then I sprayed 2 coats of Rustoleum primer. After that, I rolled & brushed 2 coats of Behr paint that is made for exterior applications (bought at Home Depot). The 2 doors look BRAND NEW. I am amazed -- we were thinking of replacing these doors because we didn't think they could be salvaged (they were that bad)......It took me 2 weekends to finish the 2 doors, and I spent about $50.00 for sandpaper and paint. It was well worth the effort -- saved us over $1,500 !!

  • Dwp7470b Dwp7470b on Jan 27, 2019

    Remove the Hardware First. Then any Paint Remover will work better as You can lie it down Flat

  • Jayakumar Jayakumar on Jan 27, 2019

    Got it. Thanks

  • Natalie Natalie on Jan 28, 2019

    Here is a tutorial on how to strip off paint from wood