Asked on Oct 01, 2013

I need to remove old peeling paint from my white wooden picket fence

Lorrie Whalen
by Lorrie Whalen
I had the fence striped and repainted about 6 years ago by a handyman company. They used a power washer which removed most of the old paint. I don't have the money to hire any one this time. Does anyone have any experience for this DIY project?
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  • Seabreezn Seabreezn on Oct 02, 2013
    Hi Lorrie , sounds to me you have a "Tom Sawyer , Huck Finn " job to do ! It would be a great fall project , slight sand the bumps & old paint's always the prep ! Then onward to painting for a new fence , you'll feel so good when you look at everyday . Old Fashion "elbow greese "...Spraying would be a mess , maybe "This old " would have a simplier way ? Good Luck !
  • Felicity Woodruffe Felicity Woodruffe on Oct 02, 2013
    several things we have wirey silver scourers here that you use to get the burnt matter off the bottom of cooking pans these work really well used wet on painted wood, or a not too safe method wear good gloves and are careful it works really well, take a long triangular piece of thinnish broken glass the kind you get in picture frames hold it slightly at an angle against the wood apply a little pressure and drag the glass towards you the sharp edge removes all the paint its free but you must take care i have stripped whole door drames doors and window frames using this method good luck failing that its nitromors or a hot gun regards felicity
  • Lorrie Whalen Lorrie Whalen on Oct 02, 2013
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas.
  • Felicity Woodruffe Felicity Woodruffe on Oct 03, 2013
    an electric sander, get friends to come round hand out snacks and a glass of wine or whatever they drink and have a painting party
  • Seabreezn Seabreezn on Oct 04, 2013
    Hi Lorrie - Unfortunatellly , there are no easy solutions to a flaking fence other than elbow grease or replacement . Fall is a great time for improvements ! Good Luck
  • Lorie, You can rent a power washer and do it yourself. Not all that hard or expensive. You also can sand using a sander, but that takes a lot of time if there is a lot of areas to be done. Just be careful if you do power wash it you move the wand quickly as the water pressure will eat into the wood making a bigger mess then you started with.
    • Lorrie Whalen Lorrie Whalen on Oct 05, 2013
      Thanks, My fence looks terrible and I don't have the time or physical energy to sand all of the paint off.@@Woodbridge Environmental
  • Bruce N Dala Anbuhl Bruce N Dala Anbuhl on Oct 04, 2013
    It really depends on what you are doing with the fence. If you want to repaint it, you only have to remove the loose paint and prepare the secure paint for a new coat of paint. If you want to stain the wood, you have to remove all the paint. A power washer can be rented and used to remove loose paint very easily. The wand will have a lot of pressure so make sure you hold it with both hands. The different nozzles give different patterns for the right results. An electric sander can be used after the wood dries completely to prep for painting. The new paint & primer combo paints are really great for cutting down on prep work and making the overall job easier. Renting a paint sprayer would allow you to paint it in hours instead of days. Good luck!
  • Seabreezn Seabreezn on Oct 08, 2013
    Well , you've answered your own question - you don't have time or physicality to do the fence . Sounds like you need to hire someone / or have a 'fence re-do party " any which way Lorrie , work is involved unless you contract it out ..
  • Eric Blaise Eric Blaise on Mar 18, 2015
    If it was painted 6 years ago and is in need of painting again, some of that wood might be too far gone to consider painting (but what do I know, I haven't seen it myself. If that is the case you should probably get a a pre built fence or parts to replace that part of the fence from your local hardware store, if it really is just paint that you need and the fence is in a good state, crape and sand the peeling paint off then apply a new coat. Eric |
  • Rose Henderson Rose Henderson on Sep 24, 2015
    I'm pretty sure you can rent a power washer. Just be very careful. As I'm sure you know those could really hurt someone. If there isn't that much paint left you could just go around and chip it off manually as well. It will take time, but it will get the job done.
  • Seafoaaam Seafoaaam on Nov 02, 2022

    I'm very happy with the work and quote when I had my fence fixed last year.

  • Mogie Mogie on Nov 04, 2022

    Use a pressure washer and see how it looks after that. I have found that a presure washer does help remove peeling paint.