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We would like to modernize our home by updating the interior paint color Of the front of our home. can you please help advise us of recommended paint Colors?
To help give you a visua, here is the layout and furniture of our hone:
We have smoke walnut wood floors. Our dining room furniture is classic cherry wood.
Our kitchen cabinets are stained dark cherry wood with mixed colors of shades of darker brown lenolium flooring. The walls are currently a dark peachy orange which gives the golden glow through the front of our house and white glossy trimming. The front den, kitchen, and dining room are open with partition walls connecting Some areas. There is a bay window by the den and some windows in the kitchen area to allow daylight lighting along with flouresent lighting in kitchen and lamps in den. We have updated the dining room chandelier to a modern look but don’t plan to change much else As our budget doesn’t allow it.
I have noticed a lot of silvers and greys in updated painting but I am concerned since all our wall art are framed with gold trim.

What can you recommend regarding paint colors?
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  • Stelmour450 Stelmour450 on Feb 16, 2018
    In Pinterest, Color-Corrective, beautiful smokey green, gray, and teals which I think would go well. Perhaps paint top of wall one color, bottom, another. (Just another Canadian opinion)

  • Emily Emily on Feb 16, 2018
    More and more detailed photographs would help in giving advice. What I have learned from professional decorators, in choosing paint colors, is to buy sample size cans and paint 4' swaths of the chosen colors on the walls and observe them in all kind of light (day, night etc) Color is always a personal choice and one you have already made in your furnishings and surfaces.

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 16, 2018
    Did you take the picture at night? Very dark. Add some lighting.

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Feb 16, 2018
    Try 5004-5A Blowing bubbles or HCSW1267 from Lowes, I think they are Sherwin Williams but not sure. Have used both and a good with darker wood tones. Instead of painting in walls, paint 2 coats of sample colors (all the way to the edges) on large poster board. This way you can move it around the room at different times of the day AND night to see how it looks on each wall. Also, tape or pin it next to trim to see how well it matches or contrasts. I once painted a room with blue carpet a beautiful yellow... that turned green during certain times of the day! Now I check the cookie on all the walls before painting

  • Imjhale Imjhale on Feb 16, 2018
    Oops, color! Cookies afterwards

  • Zita Braun Zita Braun on Feb 16, 2018
    So, I'm not Canadian but I'm not far off. The thing is how often do you want to paint your house. For me, not so much. I choose colors that are not trendy and look good on my big old house. I get lots of complements on the color of my house too. So, My advise is stay away from the trends and be timeless.

  • Betsy Betsy on Feb 16, 2018
    Thanks Imjhale. Thanks, thanks a lot, now I want cookies! That is a wonderful idea! And, don't get cheap paint. When it comes to paint, you get what you pay for. I bought a beautiful light pink for my bedroom, and for about 15 or 20 minutes a day, it's a beautiful light pink. The rest of the time, it's a soft white:( I have to run into the bedroom to see it when it's pink. But I regress, I want cookies!

  • Jana Jana on Feb 16, 2018
    Revere Grey It is a Sherwin Williams color but is beautiful. It will brighten the room but not make is stark white