Question about painting concrete blocks?

by Louise

A few years back, I had these concrete retaining walls built with the idea of putting stucco on them. Never got around to it. Now I've decided I want to paint them to look like the "stone" walls I had built. They're actually broken pieces of concrete I got for free from a neighbor. I'm an artist and can do a good job of making them pass for a stone wall. Plus, they'll only be seen from a distance and as long as I can fool the eye, I'll have accomplished my goal. But my question is about the paint. 1) Do I need a special paint to work on outdoor concrete? 2) Clearly, the concrete needs to be pressure washed before painting. How long should they dry so I know they're really dry? 3) A landscaper who does walls told me a while ago that the concrete should be primed before painting. Should I use a special primer or will Zinsser 123 or Kilz work? And other than getting a primer for outdoors, is there anything else to think about?

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