To prime or not to prime...that’s my question.


I have an old buffet that belonged to my mom. It’s a nice , well-made piece of furniture. I want to paint it with chalk paint but I don’t want it to have any distressed look. I’m hoping for a smooth, shiny finish and I’m not quite sure if a primer will help to achieve that look. Also, would wax be the way to go for the finish?

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  • Boh33773891 Boh33773891 on Jul 11, 2018
    Using a primer is a good idea, especially if the piece of furniture is dark wood. Sand first, second, use a primer

  • Boh33773891 Boh33773891 on Jul 11, 2018
    Use a paint. It doesn't really matter what type you use. I would go with clear varnish (polyurathane) it give a more sturdy long lasting finish.

  • Geeswonderland Geeswonderland on Jul 11, 2018

    Unless there's roughness on the wood you shouldn't need to sand before using chalk paint.. Idk how you'd get it shiny though, chalk paint is more matte looking, maybe waxing after painting!?

  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Jul 11, 2018
    Hi! Using chalk paint will not give you a smooth, shiny finish unfortunately, it will give a matte chalky look. You are better off using a good gripping primer and then a regular latex paint to get a smoother finish.

  • Jennifer Weber Ferguson Jennifer Weber Ferguson on Jul 17, 2018

    I'm old school with Prep - I always sand first no matter what paint I plan to use. You can check out my website for some videos - Artisticpaintingstudio