Watercolor wall paint

Anne Tuckley
by Anne Tuckley
Can I water down latex paint to do a watercolor wall painting? Or do I have to buy specific watercolor?
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  • Connie Phillips Connie Phillips on Dec 27, 2015
    acrylic paint does not have the same properties as watercolour paint and the hard surface of the wall does not have the same properties as watercolour paper. You could thin it out with Acrylic Medium Flow Improver to make it more transparent and while watercolour has a mind of it's own when it spreads across watercolour paper, you could imitate the look by doing a faux finish. Similar to creating a faux marble finish, you could use the above photo and duplicate this watercolour affect. An amazing artist, Mural Joe, uses house paint and specializes in murals and trompe l'oi (sp?). He has free instructional videos on youtube and he also has a question/answer foram.
  • I saw a tutorial that used regular latex paint and it seemed to have the same effect as your picture.
  • Suzanne Crowther Suzanne Crowther on Dec 27, 2015
    HI Anne you can thin latex paint with water I am an artist and I paint in all mediums, I agree with Connie you are not painting on water colour paper getting the paint to flow mix and give that beautiful almost transparent look of water colour will be hard use a spray bottle with water in it ,it may help with getting the paint to run a bit keep the paint very thin almost like water and build the layers up slowly let each coat dry before you do another one and be gentle , you can remove the dry paint if you are to heavy handed hope this helps good look
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 27, 2015
    See if this will answer your question. www.ehow.com/info_803881_watercolor-wall-paint-techniques.html
  • Melissa Dawn Terrel Melissa Dawn Terrel on Dec 27, 2015
    I'm not sure, but what about adding glaze to the latex paint to make it transparent. You can customize it and it will give you more time to play before it dries.
  • Sheryll S Sheryll S on Dec 27, 2015
    I have used it with success, but it is very time consuming. You do not want to keep your wall wet for long at all.
  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Dec 28, 2015
    Would love to see a picture of the finished product, when you are done.Sounds very interesting .Good luck
    • @Brenda LeCloux Thank you for sharing this. @Anne Tuckley let me know if you have any questions. It was super easy and not time consuming at all. (-:
  • 1076041 1076041 on Feb 26, 2016
    Me ha gustado mucho¡¡¡ me parece original y con un toque de elegancia...gracias por compartir.
  • Annie Doherty Annie Doherty on Jun 24, 2016
    I have used water to dilute latex paint when making chalk paint and it has worked beautifully, good luck with your wall painting.
  • Karen hayes Karen hayes on Jul 30, 2016
    I found a link for watercolor wall painting that you might like, http://www.designasylumblog.com/diy-watercolor-walls/. I plan on trying this technique myself in the near future. The great thing about these paint designs is that they last longer & camouflages minor wall imperfections.