What is the best way to paint furniture, brush or sponge or rag?

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  • I use a synthetic bristle brush. I find it gives me the best coverage and I don't get as dirty personally BUT you can certainly try any of those things if you are comfortable with it.

  • Tammy Tammy on May 30, 2017
    It will definitely depend on what finished look you want. A brush will definitely give a more complete even finish.

  • Charla Schuman Charla Schuman on May 30, 2017
    As a painter, I recommend a brush. You could get one of the shorter brushes, that are better for small spaces. In my opinion, a sponge or rag wouldn't get all the books and crannies. ;)

  • Jill Nunes Madden Jill Nunes Madden on May 30, 2017
    Well that's a very generic question to which there is no simple answer. It all depends. It depends on what type of furniture, it depends on what type of look you're going for.
    If you are repainting an old chest of drawers or your kitchen cupboards with a basically flat surface, from golden rod yellow, to black, then I suggest A small brush for cutting in, and a small roller. That way you can do it without paint brush streaks.
    If you want to age a piece of furniture then you put a lighter color on first then a darker color and wipe it off with a rag that gives it that aged effect.
    My Tada moment was when I wanted a sense of elegance to my front hall. It had a chandelier and the white walls just weren't cutting it for me . I painted the walls a manor white, then I used a loofah sponge to dab on very lightly a pearlized opal that allowed the chandelier light to just glisten . I'm pretty sure that $3 sponge and $7. Jug of pearl paint increased the value of my home by $2,000 because first impressions are everything. A note: over sponging can really undo the elegance.

    • Jennifer Jennifer on May 30, 2017
      Agree, applications, textures, tools, paint and design all play into the look of the piece

  • Pop9052537 Pop9052537 on May 30, 2017
    Thank you!