How to choose a light and trendy wall color?


I want to paint the entire lower level of my house but wanted something light..what's the trend now?

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  • Edie Edie on Nov 02, 2018

    Hi Nancy! Gray has been a thing for years now but it is warming up...not beige, just a warmer gray. Before you make your final one of those 3 dollar samples and paint a piece of stiff cardboard or wood and place it near a window, near furniture and decor that you plan to use, look at it with different lights turned on and different times of the day. Neutrals can be tricky especially if furniture is neutral too! Don't care for any shade of gray...pick what feels best for you because trends don't fit every room or home or location.

  • Trudi Trudi on Nov 02, 2018

    Seems the trend now is painting every room a different color or two colors. I personally could not get into it. My dad had instilled in me that you paint all wall white for resale value. But I don't move around as much now that I have my own house, and white walls didn't do it for me. I found a color called Moon Beam white, on the sample card it had a bit of a blue tint in it, and it was going in my bedroom that had a lovely royal blue bedspread. Long story short we painted all the walls and it looked really white. Then as we started to put the furniture back in you could see a tint of the blue. A few months later we used the same paint to do the guest room. It had a black comforter on the bed and as soon as that came in the room the walls had a gray tint. Long story short it seems to reflect the colors that are in the room. I am a firm believer in painting what ever makes you feel good. So have fun with it

  • Hi Nancy, here are the 2019 trending colors from Benjamin Moore. Some fo them look very light and pretty.

    Perhaps you can find some inspiration here.

  • Kim gave you the link with the current trending colors. Gray is ever so popular, but I am way over it. I painted part of my house a pale dove grey with a slight blue tint 18 years ago when I purchased my current home. I didn't make 6 months with it. My house has lots of windows, but gray was dull, depressing and institutional to me, so I painted it over with a bright white. I did paint my office a merlot color and I absolutely love it, but would not use throughout the entire house. Skip the trends and paint what pleases you! If you intend to sell anytime soon, go with a basic neutral.