An you paint interior walls in the Winter?

Can you paint plaster interior walls In the winter?

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  • Amanda Amanda on Dec 22, 2017
    Hi Brenda. As long as the room is heated you are good to go. Winter is the time I usually do any painting in the house.

  • Sure. The process may take a bit longer to dry, so be patient. House should be no colder than 65. Wash walls first and make sure they are dry, use portable fans to speed up the process. I keep my house at 68 at night and 72 during the day.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Dec 22, 2017
    Yes.. just make sure the house is warm before you start.... and blowing air could cause the paint to "atomize" and float around the room (even from a roller.... been there, cleaned up after, that)

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Dec 22, 2017
    Usually cans of paint will tell you their freezing point and the idea temperature to paint in. I've used acrylic paint right down in the 40 degree range and it still worked fine just took longer to dry. NEVER let acrylic (water-based) paint freeze, it will destroy it.

  • Barbara Barbara on Dec 22, 2017
    Naomie has all the right answers. Way to go!

  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Dec 22, 2017
    Yes, assuming your home is heated like a typical home, you should be fine. It may take slightly longer for the paint to dry, but it will turn out just fine.

  • Emily Emily on Dec 22, 2017
    Another yes from Maine.