Best way to finish a wood counter?

I've stained my wood, sanded it down, oiled it a bit with coconut oil, and followed the directions on some polycrylic I had on hand... But I've peeled it off twice. Between the bugs sticking to it, and the ripples from wind and who knows what, it just isn't getting hard fast enough even though it's 95 most days. It's only a small piece for an extra place to rest stuff next to my stove. I built a base for it and a spice rack to sit over one edge... would coconut oil be enough? If I reapply it occasionally? I may replace the piece when we do the rest of the counters so they all match, and it was an inexpensive piece of wood.
I don't have a garage, and I live in the mid-south, so humidity and heat and bugs are a constant.
Thanks for your input!
q best way to finish a wood counter
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