Can ceramic kitchen floor tile be painted with success?

The white tile/grout was installed in my kitchen 1 year ago. As much as I love "White", I also love "clean". Which it is impossible to keep it "looking" clean with dirt, leaves, shoeprints, paw prints...I've had Stanley Steemer steam clean it and seal the grout. I would replace with hard wood flooring to match the other floors if they didn't have to remove the present tile, but I don't think that is possible.
So, my question is, can it be painted/stained/something to make it less noticeable for at least a couple of days at a time? As it is now, it needs vacuuming and mopping twice a day-hard to do when working a full time job. And would it be durable to withstand traffic and Kitchen use?
q can ceramic kitchen floor tile be painted with success
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