How do I prep & what kind of paint do you use on old Formica cabinets?

I have old cabinets that were "refaced" in the 60's with a Formica-like material. They have greasy stains that I can't get off, & id like to change the color. Suggestions?
q how do i prep what kind of paint do you use on old formica cabinets
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  • Linda Durow Linda Durow on Jan 08, 2018
    Firstly wash with sugarsoap and then lightly sand your surfaces so the paint that you use can get a good 'grip'. Then you need to get a good all-purpose primer or melamine primer. I then painted mine (in two houses now) with Velvaglo Eggshell Enamel. This is the most amazing product which has non-drip, self-leveling properties and is extremely durable. It is Eggshell so it has a sheen but not a gaudy shine. I think it is a Plascon product. P.S. The people who bought the last house gutted and changed absolutely every room in the house from bathrooms, floors, and cei
    ings - but not my reconditioned kitchen painted by myself with Velvaglo!

  • Sheryl Sheryl on Jan 09, 2018
    I haven’t painted Formica, but have used 1/4” birch plywood, cut to size, glued directly over the cabinet door face, then trimmed out all four sides with metered cap moulding. You can stain or paint these ‘brand new’ doors, and it’s a beautiful treatment. Want them a little fancier? Buy some rope moulding, cut it to fit flat on the door with the edge up against the cap trim on the inside. Your cabinets and a fresh coat of wall paint can make it look like you did a $40,000 remodel.

  • Linda Durow Linda Durow on Jan 09, 2018
    Yes, that's it. I used a very soft wheat color. For me very soothing and goes with everything. Last kitchen had wooden counter tops and soft neutral floors. This kitchen has mottled terra cotta colored granite tops and a deep blue and terra cotta stripe in the walls. It still goes! I could search in the garage tomorrow if that kind of color suits you - otherwise check the tints and have fun!

  • Linda Durow Linda Durow on Jan 09, 2018
    Oh, I did two to three coats using a sponge roller. Get a perfect finish every time!