How do I repaint a picture frame?


I have large picture that used to hang in my great room. It’s beautiful do I want to put it in my new white kitchen but the gold frame is old and doesn’t fit with my colors. Any ideas on how to repaint or change?

q how do i repaint a picture frame
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  • on Dec 10, 2018

    What a beautiful painting! You may just want to pop it out of the frame and spray paint it. Maybe just white or black? Or a lighter metallic finish like nickel?

  • Mad29883817 Mad29883817 on Dec 10, 2018

    U can tape cardboard on top of pic and paint frame

  • Sal3170064 Sal3170064 on Dec 10, 2018

    I would either pop it out of the frame or cover as other hometalkers have said. But I would paint it with chalk paint. This paint will go over anything.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Dec 10, 2018

    You can tone it down with a wash or glaze or dry brush. I did that with a silver frame and now it looks antique.

    If you are going to paint the frame, I would advise removing the picture first so that you can get it painted on the inside edges.

  • Kelly Denoyer Russell Kelly Denoyer Russell on Dec 11, 2018

    Pop out picture. Get some white chalk paint. Paint it in all details and thoroughly and then while it’s still wet lightly wipe off the top surface area leaving it in all the deeper areas. So a bit of gold will be revealed again. Also do it on the edges not evenly but sporadic. Highlight them. You can also do this after it’s dry with a damp rag. On the frame below I used some gray glaze but you can see how a buffed off the paint off the surface. Mine were cheap brown Walmart frames but I wanted white. So I bought them new and did what I wanted. Buy Rustoleum Chalked. $16 on Amazon. Lowe’s used to carry it but stopped and now has a different kind for $30 😳. Home Depot might still carry? Seal with a polycrylic or glaze. Urethanes can yellow. Remember the nice thing about chalk paint before it’s sealed is you can add or remove as much as you like. I put too much antiquing on a frame. So it’s back on the paint table and I’m going to add more paint. First it was too light and now it’s too dark. LOL

  • Hi Abby! Here's a great Facebook Live about painting big picture frames using Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint!

    If you ever need help or have any questions you can feel free to call us at 813-909-1962 during business hours. We have a full staff here eager to help you!

    We have an awesome group on FB that gives you all kinds of help if you are interested. click here to join:

  • Abby Clark Abby Clark on Dec 11, 2018

    Awesome! Thank you so much!!!