How do you make chalk paint? Will it endure the exterior tropics?

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  • Gelinda Gelinda on Mar 28, 2017
    Hi Jacquelyn , I chalk paint for the public so i have to make my chalk paint , My clients pay a lot of money so my work has to be perfect ! So you can use plaster of pars if you like , you can get this from Lowe's for about $6 . I have used this and it works but the down side is you have to use the paint up the same day or it will get lumps in it , it will not keep ! Now I use calcium carbonate , you can get this online it not expensive ! It gives you a smooth finish and the paint will keep to use the next day or weeks after ..Now how to make on container i put 4 heaping tablespoons of calcium carbonate in cup , then i start put in veary cold water enough to make the consistency of chocolate pudding , mix well , the next thing you will do is mix your paint well then pour out a cup and a half , a little more a little less and pour into a container , next put in c- carbon and mix well ! It has to be mixed in this order ..Now to save you some money , and this is what I use on my clients pieces and it has to be perfect ! Because they are paying a lot of money ! So i won't to give them something that is not only going to be Beautiful but something that is going to last ! After you get 3 to 4 colts of paint on wax your piece can do this with car wax ! Use a soft clear wax ..i use Mother ...Now my secret is out can do this Jacqueline !! Good luck hope this helps you .