How do you paint a linoleum bathroom floor?

Its in good condition, old but discolored. It doesn't match my new decor I want to make it look rustic. Need dummies how to.
q how do you paint a linoleum bathroom floor
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  • Sherridyn Sherridyn on Jun 30, 2018
    I painted both bathroom floors and the kitchen floor right after we bought our last house and it comes down to the kind of paint you use as to how durable it will be and how nice it will look. I planned on doing natural material - carerra marble in one and ceramic limestone in the other bathroom, and wood laminate in the kitchen because it's an open-plan (kitchen - living room - dining area) floor, but in the meantime I used paint on all of them for a better appearance while we got other things done on the house first.

    I sanded them first, and the cleaned the daylights out of them, then used great care to plan where I painted first so you can get out of the room without stepping on fresh paint. Plan on staying somewhere other than home for at least 24 hours after painting. If you think you can' just avoid the newly painted floor you're wrong - you will absolutely step where you shouldn't step.

    I used an oil-based outdoor paint but any good quality paint for decks (there is floor & deck paint on the market too), boats, front doors - any paint made for those hard-use areas - should work, and no matter what anyone says, oil based is the most durable. It's harder to use, much harder to clean-up, but it lasts almost forever, and it looks great. And compared to other flooring material it's not expensive.

    Rollers will need to be thrown away after use, and unless you want to work really hard cleaning them, you might just toss the brushes, cloths and any other paint-covered supplies. I'm and environmental nut and hate putting things in the trash but I was never able to get things clean enough to use again with good outcomes.

    The paint jobs lasted the full year it took to re-do the floors with tile and laminate and there wasn't a single chip, scuff, peel, or anything else that I feared would happen and we had worker's boots walking on those floors nearly every day of that year (we were incurable remodel-ers and that little cottage in the woods was our last house - we enjoyed that remodeled, cozy place for 12 years before we had to move.) I think you'll be happy with your painted floors!

  • Rebecca Balent Rebecca Balent on Jul 01, 2018
    Personally, I love spray paint. Nothing gives you the same flawless finish. I painted my horrid avocado green bathroom tiles over 6 years ago, and they are still holding up. I cleaned with TSP, sprayed on bonding primer, and finished with exterior gloss white paint that I sprayed on with an airless sprayer. My logic using exterior is, if it can hold up to the elements, it can hold up to my bathroom. Being linoleum/vinyl no wax floor is flexible, I would use plastic bonding spray paint that can be used on vinyl. It's important that it can be used on vinyl, as if it doesn't specifically say vinyl, it won't dry and will stay a sticky, tacky mess.