How can I paint my bathtub or bathroom floor?


my moms bathroom is in bad shape trying to get away to make it look alittle better but cheap Mom is 89 I take care of her so money is a problem living on 855 a month . the house is very small and old ...ty

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  • Oliva Oliva on Nov 08, 2018

    Although you could paint, the fumes generated would not be good for your Mom's health.

    Why not investigate attaching outdoorfabric with velcro to the tub's exterior?

    As concerns the floor, what surface do you have, currently?

  • Joann Gonnella Cope Joann Gonnella Cope on Nov 08, 2018

    I know everyone says "Don't paint your tub" I say "Who cares" if you are just painting the outside then get paint specifically for high moisture areas. Clean the surface really well and use masking tape to tape a clean finishing line at the top. I would use a short nap "fine" foam 4-6" roller for smooth finishes and paint away. I wouldn't paint the inside of the tub with it though. I would clean it as good as possible. Bar keepers friend is a cleanser you can use that won't scratch like comet or ajax cleanser would. If the floor is ceramic tile, clean that as well as you can, if it is linoleum, or square tile? If it is small, look at home improvement store for vinyl remnant, The stuff they make now doesn't require gluing, I was able to find a piece for $30 and it was enough to do two bathrooms. I made a brown paper bag template of the floor and then cut out the vinyl with a scissor! you can just lay it in the bathroom and caulk at the tub and around the toilet. If you have a habitat humanity restore ( there are several)where I live you could check there. People remodeling and builders donate the stuff and it's resold. A lot of recycle centers give away free paint, to keep things cheap. A pretty shower curtain and a matching rug will do a lot, Good luck

  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 08, 2018

    Hi Peggy. My name is Cindy. I did a bit of research on how to improve a bathtub. I learned about kits made for the purpose of giving a tub a face lift. Rustoleum came in at the top of the list with Tub and Tile refinishing kit in White. Customer reviews were very promising. They make several of these kits but mostly in White. They run between $35 and $40. Sold at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. The floor solution is a personal recommendation from myself. We moved into our house a couple years ago. Bathroom floor was terrible. With a very tight budget, we settled on peel-and-stick tile. We cleaned the floor first. Then laid peel-and-stick tiles right over the old tile. Very easy to lay and still looks great today. We purchased the new tile at Home Depot and paid $1 per square foot. Peggy, what a great daughter you are for helping your Mom. Wishing you well, from Cindy.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Nov 08, 2018

    You could put tile on the outside of the tub. Something like this project: